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wow ...this long

Wow...I've been gone for so long.  I really have been so very busy with dancing that it kept me away this long. I have  been getting booked to choreograph one client after another  and just reciently got booked in years in advance...2012, 2013, 2014, yeah tell me about it. But I love it! I also had surgery in Novemeber which I could not rest at all after the surgery bc of events going on. I had a bump on my back and it started to grow and it was really irritated. I ended up in the emergency room with the help of my mom. They had told me I had a tumor and did the surgery right there and than to get it removed and to get it tested and to make sure it was cancer free. They stitched me up, gave me meds and sent me on  my way. Now this was around 1am. I had family that came down waiting for us. I was high on the meds and had to wake up to be in my cousins wedding the next day so no rest there. I enjoyed the special day with my cousin and was in  pain bc the meds were to strong for me but went on with it. The following day I had to rise and shine and ready to meet up with my client and her 30 friends to learn my dance choreography for a special event for them. So yeah no rest at all. Good news everything was good ..results said it was a cyst and cancer free. Thank you God! If things couldnt get any better my migranes had been kicking in everyday and not even excedrin was helping and had been stressing for some reason with this particular event. But its over and done with and I get to finally rest till next year. I had planned to visit LA again many times but due to bookings I had to change my plans for next year hopefully. I also plan to go back to school for makeup so hopefully things go according to plan. . I did get nice shoes lol for my bday from family and friends for my collection that I would like to share with u all there pretty cool lol..more shoes to dance in haha. well till next entry about my shoes bc right now am headed out lol. Merry christmas to all!

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