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my life and yet I love it

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G04nMYujpXw Ok so it's been another long time since I've been on here. And sad to say that I've lost touch with my friends. I have been extremly busy choreographing for clients one after another. This time I got hired to choregraph for two clients for the same event so I've been going back and forth with them practicing. Talk about tired. But I love what I do. So in just a short notice I had to choreograph for two different people with only two weeks till the event.  I knew I had to get a move on it and not only work myself to my best but also working them twice as hard since they are performing it. After I'm done with their practicing at 10am-10pm I head to the studio to work on some dancing with my friend Paul who is an incredible dancer.  Paul has been helping me with some cool dance stuff for a video I'm doing and am keeping it a secret till I get the results I want and dont want to jinx it in anyway possible. Did I mention I'm going to school too? Yeah another part of my busy everyday life. SO here is a video of me practicing on my own thing after just go done working all day with my clients. This was filmed more less 1am. I hope you all enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed dancing it.

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