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This past week I was performing in Mexico with an artist I help choreograph her dances and dance backup when she needs me. I had been declining because of all the bad stuff going on over there but had been praying about some things and if I should take it and my prayers were answered. Because I kept getting calls from them to perform so I decided to...and put my trust in God. I had a blast and made it there safe and back home safe. The performace was for a radio station called "Mi Radio" in Miguel Aleman, Tam. The people, and fans were amazing. We did counter a problem however of mix up. I was told from our promoter that the performance was for Thursday so I had planned to pack, and get personal things ready. You know the usual dye hair, nails filled, eyebra's wax and so forth. I was interrupted my a call from our promoter telling us the manager said it was not for Thursday it was for Wednesday. They told me to be ready in 2 hours we are on our way to pick u up. I was stunned and was like WHAT? So I didnt get to find something to wear so me and our other dancer had made plans to see what we wanted to wear. We had to stop to find matching shoes and what not.


We came across these hot pink boots. I fell in  with them. They are very comfortable to dance in.

I took other picture of my shoes at the hotel lol. We had to ck in and than ck into a hotel so we could get ready. We were closing.

This is our promoter Terri she is so wonderful and good at her job. She is the best! I had a blast with her. Anyways the industry had put me on a 900 calorie diet which I may add I am doing good so far lol. But since we were in a hurry I didn't get to eat but once two mini burgers that fit in the palm of ur hand when I say mini I mean mini. I was so thirsty though and told our manager who is from Mexico and brought me a soda.

In Mexico all there sodas are in glass bottles it reminds me of the old day lol. To me there sweeter than the soda in America but I didn't care I was so thirsty lol.

This is Michelle one of the artist I dance for. SHe is a wonderful person too. She is really nice and we see eye to eye on alot of stuff.

The left picture of me is a photo of me in the back stage getting ready to get on stage. Terri our promoter snap a photo of me going on stage. The next photo is Michelle and had this little girl come on stage she wanted to dance she was so cute.

THat is the manager. He is so nice also. All he speaks is spanish so I had to speak my roots lolz. I have not spoken spanish in a very long time. Anyways the performace was good and I had alot of fun exhausted but fun. I had 3 hours of sleep and was on the road again. We had to pick up something to eat quick and hurry to the bus to cross over to the states. So I guess I did good and was less than necessary for my 900 calorie diet lmao.

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