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It's been very long

Man it's been forever....I know . I'm still alive though . IHave been staying at hotels like I have no home lol. But its all fun...am getting ready for the tejano music awards in July and than the conjunto Music awards in August. I should be going back to LA hopefully in the begainning of August to visit a friend who's station there till December. And....of course for dance training lol. I've been having fun with some new friends I've met through bowling and have been going to arena football games, traveling with bowling and singing karaokie on thursday nights with them lol. Never thought I was much of a singer  but till people started coming up to me lol you sound good and so forth . I will still say  I'm a dancer not a singer lol. But  I have to admit they had me practice and learn these songs that my friends want me try and want me to sing that has to tell me something good lol. I was suppose to be going back to Mexico for more work but right now I'm still playing it safe and don't want to do any work there still atleast not yet and I must say I'm not the only one obviously...some artists have been declining too. My promoter laughs but hey I want to enjoy myself and not have to be figeting and scareeed n paranoid lol.  My guy friends crack up bc I have been there when I was at its worse I say and say shiiit you what??? lol Anywho, am back to hitting the gym and working out and to one of my favorite  videos to workout to  p90x. Yeah when I first started it was so sore and couldnt  move in bed i was ouch! I move alot when I'm asleep. I am also choreographing with some new pieces and see who my projects come out with that. This past weekend they had me be a judge of some kid dancers and wow they were cute and good! Little 6 yr olds break dancing and dancing non stop lol. I had fun.  They kept me entertain when it was over they kept dancing  thinking I was still judging lol. But...they have me trying something new...promoter wants me to try auditions for film roles and see what that journey has for me. Till than

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