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I had been asked over and over to go dance for the artist I dance for when needed or need to choreograph her music vids or just new songs to dance with her in Mexico. Alot of you know why I have been turning it down, well I decided to toughen up and take the job. I leave Thursday and have practice all week till that day. I perform at 10pm and won't be home till 4 or 5am. The good thing is we have our driver to drive us so I can just sleep on the way back. My phone has been ringing non-stop from our promoter for updating things that are coming up. She's a great promoter and is so nice. I have to meet up with her later today. The singer I dance for got a new manager so we have more work lineup for us. I will be busy with that part of my work and than my dance crew work. I am also planning on another trip for my dance training. I usually go to LA but have decided to go to NY instead. I have to go back to my strict diet again, and hit the gym more now. Industry is cruel. I have not been going to the gym, well I don't really have time but now I have to make time and go run. I have to miss  my bowling game on Thursday. SO :(  I know. I just got asked to join a team for the tournament. I can't wait. I atleast get to make  my game on Tuesday before I leave to Mexico. I will be taking photos and see if I can video tape us if possible. I need to post a vid on here soon but don't have anyone to film it or its non video tape gig. I might have an interview when we get there not to sure you know how things are just thrown at you in the spare of the moment. well till next time on what has been going on with me.

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