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Ok I know I have not wrote a blog in F O R E V E R!!!! SO I will be blogging about what I have been up to. I had a birthday November 1 and had a bday bash on Halloween night at a friends bar/club that she owns. It was awesome! I had alot of fun with family and friends. I didn't take alot of photos of that night bc well beer, bday, friends you get my picture. I dressed up as a airforce girl it was nice I did it myself. The drive is about 30 min drive to my town. Thank God I did not drive bc I was really wasted and the actual day of my bday I was in bed hungover lol. I got really nice gifts and some I did take photos of . The top photos is the case of really nice Twilight collection journals. I love to write when I am free and specially when I am on the rode.

These are the journals that were in the nice tin case. I love them alot. I being a twilight fan I was really thankful for this lovely gift.

They will be written on very soon since I have a busy year next year. I have alot of traveling to do but I will get to that in just a bit.

I was in need of luggages so bad, because everytime I am headed somewhere the airport does something to my luggage. They broke the handle one year and year after that the bottome part crack in half. Yeah tell me about it. My grandmother got me these nice hot pink luggages. I won't have someone or myself purchase name brand luggages bc of what I have gone through with them. My friend was like you like coach right I said yes I will buy purses, wallets, keychains and so forth but no luggages. After I told her what happen she was like Ohhhh you got a point. Anyways I love bright colors like I have said in the past bc its easier to for me to find. Being a dancer and having things schedule at certain times and then you get delayed yeah it kind of gets you running like a maniac at the airport so what better way to have bright color luggages and say there is mine and ck the tag real quick and lets go. I was undecided on the pink and lime green color but they didnt have lime when I picked it, my grandmother was like pick which one you want. Two or so days later they got the green and I exchanged it for

this one. It don't look to bright here but it is believe me. I am not an all pink kind of girl. I love purple but love lime green too. So It was kind of hard bc I was like did I make the right choice. But am satisfied with the choice I made.

I found this lime green tage lime green with my initial and fell in love with it I was wow great timing.haha.  I got other wonderful gifts from friends, money, jewelry, some things that are not good for me to post on here lol. But I had a great bday and it's December and I am still getting bday gifts. I have been on break for the HOlidays and am spending time with family and friends and enjoying the excitement of shopping with my dad on black friday and shopping online of course and fixing up my new place. Though I admit it really isen't my thing to be on a break for holidays this long lol. I love to work and am a perfectionist. Starting the new year in January I will be very busy with work. I have alot of gigs and traveling alot. The airport will be my new home for the new year. Some have u been asking where am I going. I will be going to different locations throughout Mexico, New York, Japan, LA so far that I know. Than Cities of Texas. I will of course be blogging about them all.

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