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$$$ to play with :D

The week long shoot of JuJu Chan's latest music video rapped the China location yesterday and now we begin the arduous task of editing and adding visual effects. Hopefully it should all be completed by early June. prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

I have to say that despite the deluge we had to constantly shoot between, and JuJu’s loosing battle against the hoards of mosquitoes (I had to try shooting close ups without seeing the mosquito bites on her face) I had a lot of fun directing this.

Being my first music video for quite some time (and having a lot of resources to play with) I had the whole thing shot in the studio lot. But as most of the scenes were outdoor sets, so we really couldn’t avoid what Mother Nature decided to throw at us…weather being the biggest obstacle. Ask any DP and they can tell you the frustration of sunshine breaking through clouds every so often, after spending A LOT of time getting the lighting just right for an overcast day.

After working on feature films, shooting a music video like this was very satisfying as it allowed me the luxury of perfecting the visual elements. The trouble with low to medium budgeted feature films is that you have to make resource allocation decisions which nearly always mean that you’re not fully satisfied with the end results. But the project gave me a lot to play with. Really can’t wait to see what we can put together in post.

Stay tuned to see the MV!

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wow, nice!
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