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Great hanging out with fellow martial artist and film enthusiast, Tony Cheng, again. Always exciting to hear the great ideas and suggestions that he comes up with.

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My favourite little place in Central to have my meetings. Leaving next week, so rushing in as many meetings as I can before I'm gone again.

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So for you all who want to get in shape in time for summer, or simply want to get healthy but lack the motivation...try this out. http://move-it.club/en/index.html Use my promo code to get 10% off: antsze2017 I'll be with you all the way! ...Wish I had control on the editing of this little clip though.

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About to start coaching online with the new Move It Fitness app. 10% off for my friends! Let me know if you're interested.

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Went banking at busy Mongkok just now and saw this new promo for Ghost in the Shell. It's building momentum!

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This is a proper HKFilmart lunch meeting!

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How cool's that....Hong Kong Stuntmen's Association had its own booth at the HK Filmart. And a good sized one, at that!

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Trying new restaurant at The Fringe. Circa 1913 (the old M's at the Fringe space) Japanese French fusion.

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Here's that interview I did for the People's Daily website. "Antony Szeto: His Road from Stunt Coordinator to Film Director". Forgive my accented Mandarin, but I'm told it's understandable...especially if you speak Cantonese. 😂 這是人民網的人民電視節目採訪。 原諒我的普通話😅但我被告知...以説開廣東話的我,我的普通話尚可接受😂 http://3gtv.people.com.cn/ShowMobileVideoPortal/?id=29102512&cid=358735

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After 3 hours sleep, peeled myself out of bed to get to the airport.

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Wushu Trailer


Hong Kong
March 11, 2008