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I got mt certificate!


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Actually... Nothing...

Ya.. nothing to say.. nothing to write..

I just try to give my best at work, making some money, waiting AUGUST when I will go in RUSSIA to my LOVE, TRAINING with her!!

DASHA!!! Miss U sooooooooo MUCH!!!

Some picter from last trip to 天目湖, TIAN MU LAKE.. that we didnt see ... ENJOY IT ~~

DAY 1 mOrNinG sKy.. it seemd a QUIET ...Read more

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I know what you did last… Halloween!!


And about me....

well... I tried to build the tallest BOTTLE BEER TOWER of the world!! WORK IN PROGRESS!!!

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Trip to Shanghai ~

I went to Shanghai on friday cause yesterday was Wu Qiang 吴强 B-DAY .. but unfortunately my camera didnt have battery and I coundt take pictures

I just have some took by phone and nothing more...

Anyway I arrived there on friday night and Qiang went to train station to take me and bring me to JK, korean resturant, where Fede, Gigi (2个都是我老乡)  and other korean and japanese friends were waiting for me...

And wa...Read more

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Actually.. I didn't know China has so much holidays ^^.

And actually .. I thought that my italian friend, Moreno, is living in Beijing... but I found him looking for a pair of new shoes here somewhere in Jiansu province hehe

I didn't know he was so famouse hehe Anyway I just thought that chinese people used to work 25 hours a day, but.... I'm spending more holidays here than in Italy ^^.

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所以今年是第一次过 教师节!



10号休息了 然后今天再上课~

有点累... 不过我也很开心!所以.. 幸福就好了!

TEACHER DAY...  well...  ya, I am a teacher... and for the first time I passed this holiday...

also because in Italy we don't have it hehe

But It sounds good... better ... VERY GOOOOOOD! The 9th in the evening I had dinner with all teachers of the school... I think about ...Read more

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Blog: Tuesday, Sep 2

Yesterday I started my job in Changzhou..

Students of 1st year are coming just from next week so for this week I just have 2nd year students that means just 4 classes for this week. They already can speak some Italian, so is not so difficult teaching them..

Today and tomorrow I have free time so I'm going to exploring the city and trying to find a wushu guan ...


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Angel is..


And she likes to listen to love songs...

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Last day in Venice...

Yessssss! the LAAAST DAAAY in Venice !

Yesterday was He Jinchuan degree, and my last day in Venice... cause I went back home for almost one month and half!

Almost... cause I will be in Milan soon making my visa for China.. cause Wang Anfu asked me to go to Paris meeting him and training with him and some of France Wushu Team...Read more

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On Holidays!

Yesterday I did my last exam: Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dinasty art!

Not so easy but I hope I passed it!

I've also found time for some training with Liu Peng (刘鹏)

but the MOST important thing is th...Read more

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有一天他跟我说了:“妳要把所有的心思和力量放在比赛上” “积极主动,以我为主,控制过程,展示技艺,夺取金牌” 那天我感觉是最强的! Empty you mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it will

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