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Trip to Shanghai ~

I went to Shanghai on friday cause yesterday was Wu Qiang 吴强 B-DAY .. but unfortunately my camera didnt have battery and I coundt take pictures

I just have some took by phone and nothing more...

Anyway I arrived there on friday night and Qiang went to train station to take me and bring me to JK, korean resturant, where Fede, Gigi (2个都是我老乡)  and other korean and japanese friends were waiting for me...

And was so crazy.. cause at first, even if F., G. and me live in the same city in Italy, and Fede was also my classmate, we hadn't time to meet each other there and every year we have to wait to come to Shanghai

and second, cause it feels very strange speaking and heard someone who speaks my dialect in China... in Shanghai

Then we went to biliards (where I understood I have a LOOOOT to learn (^__^)...嘻嘻 ) and at almost 1 AM went back Fede's home for sleeping ~~Woke up at midday and after some "breakfast" ..

Fede remeber that he had VOLLEY training praparing with his team for university tournament at ... 9 AM!! haha

Anyway it was already too late, so we went to 体操馆 Gym Hall training some XFJ TKBL and BACK FLIP... just for fun.. waiting 吴强 finish his training (that I discovered is not 散打 but SOCCER!!!  haha .. everytime he told me he has to train and than I went in Sanda Hall, I just saw them play soccer.. kick their ass haha ) and than we went near there with some others of Shanghai University having dinner for his B-DAY ~~

And I understood that when he told me : "I CAN'T DRINK!!" I had to believe him .. haha .. cause after one bottle of CHINESE beer, that means VOL. 0.2% ;)he was already in another world haha

Our evening finish at 4AM, when, from 官邸 DISCO, we went back home ..

We woke up yesterday afternoon (Fede remember that he had BASEBALL training in the morning.. and he fogot it ... AGAIN .. haha ) and time to come back Changzhou was already arrived...

I cant say I will miss Shanghai, cause, actually I dont like big cities so much, but surelly I will miss Fede and Wu Qiang and time we spent together so much...




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有一天他跟我说了:“妳要把所有的心思和力量放在比赛上” “积极主动,以我为主,控制过程,展示技艺,夺取金牌” 那天我感觉是最强的! Empty you mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it will

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