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I'm and interpreter/translator now and have 2 more jobs n NO more time x training so I'm official out! But martial arts will be always in my heart! Anyway I still have time for taking some pictures in special events and this summer I hope to have enought money for buying a REFLEX professional camera too!!!I was to my ° almost husband°'s counsine marriage last week-end and was nice. Some of the family also asked me why I seams a LAOWAI 老外~~ 哈哈BTW I wanna put some pic on ...Read more

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My Own Business!

I finally open my own business.  These are the some of my service:~ CHINESE <---> ITALIAN doc translation~ Accompaning for a direct interpreting (renting house or shop, lawyer, accountant, ecc..)~ Helping chinese in BERGAMO, MILAN, BRESCIA to find a job~ Teaching CHINESE & ITALIAN~ Other service for chinese in ItalyIf you will come in Italy and need some interpreter or  someone take you arround, contact me at the e-mail address:  Read more

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Blog: Wednesday, Mar 23

Few days ago I spoke with my little brother in QQ.

He was very tired cause the first selection for Chinese**** Championshipis coming soon.

As the matter of fact Maleselection is going to be hold in Taicang City (Jiangsu Prov.) from April 15 to 18

and Femaleone is going to be in Dazhou City (Sichuan Prov.) from April 27 to 30

I hope I could be there, both for watch...Read more

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2011 Harbin Russia – China Dual Match

I'm late but anyway,   BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, no??  In JAN, 18th, in Harbin  哈尔滨 took place the "2011  Russia – China Tournament"  2011中俄武术散打对抗赛.Unlickly I had no possibilities to go there cause I got a job as INTERPRETER in an INTERNATIONAL TRADING COMPANY, anyway I watched all videos and even if the turnament result was Ch...Read more

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Rome - Nov.2010

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August 2010: 2010年全国武术套路冠军赛 - 竞赛日程

Unlukily I coudn't go to Shanghai watching and filming the  FINAL PART of THE CHINESE CHAMPIONSHIP 2010 , but I'm daily update from my friends who are there both competing and watching. 吐舌笑脸Is not the same 悲伤 but better than nothing. Read more

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Wushu Summer Camp 2010

Long time no write here. These days I'm very tired but also very happy.I'm working in a summer wushu-sport "international" campus (5 weeks!) with 6 to 14 years old children, some from Moldavia, some from Romania, Filippine, Croazia and of course Italy.I'm teaching them wushu and with another teacher, Claudio Albieri, also some other sports.The 3rd week is starting tomorrow and my children is waiting for me :)So... see you later guysRead more

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4th July 2010: my degree!

I am DOCTOR in ORIENTAL ASIA CULTURE&CHINESE LANGUAGETHESIS title: Wushu in the modern age “现代的武术“- - - -Before going in....Read more

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After my arrival in Shanghai , I was almost one week in Changzhou , meeting my teacher Tong Hui , the little students and a lot of friends.Read more

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有一天他跟我说了:“妳要把所有的心思和力量放在比赛上” “积极主动,以我为主,控制过程,展示技艺,夺取金牌” 那天我感觉是最强的! Empty you mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it will

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