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Dengfeng, Henan, Hebei Cangzhou other three cities will compete for the best Chinese martial arts village

September 1, by the State Council Information Office, Ministry of Culture and National Tourism Administration guidance, the State Sports General Administration support Wushu Administrative Center, China Radio International's '2011 List of Chinese martial arts Chinese city tour' martial arts village named formally announced the results of activities in the last month of voting, the global users with a selection of nearly 1,543,000 votes out of the minds of the three 'most Chinese martial arts village' and the three foreign 'martial arts star.'

Chinese martial arts, popular overseas

'2011 List of Chinese martial arts Chinese cities Tour' is an international online sites to create a joint multilingual global Internet users interactive activities, covering China's 'martial arts village' named and foreign 'martial arts star' selection of activities which 'martial arts Township 'contest with 12 kinds of joint cultural promotion display name Chinese martial arts village, attracted more than a dozen foreign media involved in reporting since its inception in May of this year, events have been submitted to the hometown of martial arts, martial arts village where the interview, Experts voting and Internet voting stage, the final total of nearly 1,543,000 users worldwide to vote, and selected Wen County, Henan Province, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, Hebei Province, Cangzhou City, that the three 'most Chinese martial arts village.'

Throughout the poll, the number of internet voting abroad accounted for 66.6%, which fully demonstrates the Chinese martial arts culture in the minds of the great charm of overseas users.

Outside the 'martial arts fans' superb effort

As the essence of Chinese culture and an important part of Chinese martial arts have a profound cultural heritage and spread the value of traditional Chinese culture on the world stage iconic symbols, has also been a favorite of people around the world in this event, foreign 'martial arts Star 'award, will be nearly 400,000 Chinese and foreign friends of the vote, while the activities of three foreign' martial arts star ', is from Croatia Angelica Cukon , Russia Maikl and the Czech Republic Tomas Storek, they are all Chinese martial arts The 'die-hard fans' to conquer the superb martial arts professional judges and friends at home and abroad, eventually more than from 200 competitors to become worthy of the 'martial arts star,' they went to China in October this year the martial arts village to experience authentic Chinese martial arts culture(http://www.f-paper.com/).

Line of martial arts and foreign media tour in October ceremony

Event organizers will be held in Beijing in late mid-October 2011 tour of Chinese martial arts, 'the Chinese martial arts village' awards ceremony, then, the activities in support of unit leaders, experts, judges, diplomats, and other martial arts village leaders will attend the awards ceremony before, in '2011 Chinese martial arts trip' outside the nine reported in the mainstream media will go to the hometown of Chinese martial arts-depth coverage, the Chinese martial arts culture, the charm of Chinese martial arts village show to the world.

From: http://www.f-paper.com/?i875214-Dengfeng-Henan-Hebei-Cangzhou-other-three-cities-will-compete-for-the-best-Chinese-martial-arts-village

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That idea sounds so funny... they should make them all have a big fight and see who wins.... simple answer to find out which village is best. ;-)
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有一天他跟我说了:“妳要把所有的心思和力量放在比赛上” “积极主动,以我为主,控制过程,展示技艺,夺取金牌” 那天我感觉是最强的! Empty you mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Now you put water into a cup, it will

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