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No patience

@andyonimal No patience

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Couldn't ask for more...|夫復何求。。。|夫复何求。。。|絶好調っす・・・

 First of all... WTF?!...How come nobody blogs around here anymore? 

  Why hello there, People!  Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.  Made me all kinds of warm n fuzzy.  Now...I'm gonna skip the whole "I'm sorry I haven't blogged" crap.  However, I will say sorry for being a douche for not blogging.  I blame video games and this beautiful creature...

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Hi, Ladies and Gents! 

   It's been a while since...uh..my last blog.  It was a purtty damn cheesy blog...because I was working...and busy playing video games.  I'm very sorry. 

   Um..I know it's been a while since an update from me...but I'm gonna make this an extra cheesy blog cuz I want to go play video games.    Before I do so...few things I want to say to y'all:

  1. Swine Flu.  Please take care, everybody.  Read more

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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!|聖誕快樂 & 新年快樂!|圣诞快乐 & 新年快乐!やあ、オマイら、

Hey, Fellas,

  I'm gettin' ready for work as I dish this out to y'all.  No holidays for me this year...but it's all good.  Just wanna wish every single one of you out there all the best!  Take care~

Happy Holidays~


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Hello, fellas~

  Well....I'm takin' off tomorrow to Beijing to finish my parts of the movie.  Since the media already released the pictures for this movie, I can now share some pictures with y'all:

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  I have 3 good friends of mine that's been talkin' to me about their love life problems.  Lets call them Ms. A, Mr. B, and Mr. C.

Now....Each of their situation reminded me of 3 songs.  I did my best to give them advices and suggestions. 



Ms. A..this song's for you, Dear:






Mr. B....Stay strong, bro:

<...Read more
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Hong Sweet Kong|甜蜜的香港|甜蜜的香港

Hi, Folks  !

  I'm back in Hong Kong for a month until I have to head back to Beijing to finish my current project.  FINALLY!  I get to rest up and heal up.   The best part is....I came home, and saw my Mommy and Grandma!!  I was instantly attacked by hugs n kisses  .  I haven't seen my Grandma close to 4 yrs, so I was super duper happy!  She's 84 yrs old.  I love her so so so much  Read more

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What's happenin', Party People!

  OBWS, huh?  LOL!    I apologize for givin' y'all this OBWS, but  work has been heavy.  My call-time is 5am everyday...and I wrap around 7pm.  By the time I get back to the hotel..it's just shit, shower, and sleep.  I've been doing mostly action, so my knee's not fully healed yet...and just 3 weeks ago..I dislocated my thumb cuz my knee gave in on me....and the first thing that landed on the ground was my thumb. Read more

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Onimal Hugs All Around |Onimal感謝大家|Onimal感谢大家|仲間たちへ、

Dear Homies,

  Thanks for all the candy-coated comments.  I can now walk without lookin' like I'm gettin' bit by a dog every step I take...  Wearin' a brace helps...and no longer need a cane.  I wanna reply back to every single one of you, but I'm too lazy.  LOL!  Just kiddin'!   .  You guys are awesome...straight from the heart.  I'm truly grateful.  The picture of my bald head is hilarious...so hilarious that I've alread...Read more

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  I'm usually very active...usually.  For the past week...all I've been doing is this:

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Really wish I could do this when it comes to traffic.

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