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What's Up with My Chinese Name??

Lately, people have been asking me "What's Up with my Chinese name?"  So I figured I'd better send out this message in an attempt to clear the air.

From when I was born to all of my life up until now, my Chinese name has been 吴 振 宇 Wu Zhen Yu.   However, since I entered the entertainment industry in Asia almost nine years ago, people have always had a good laugh wit...Read more

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"Racy" Pics from a new PLAYEUR

Recently, my friend and fellow CAL alum Holman Chin asked me if I was interested in doing a photoshoot for his new magazine entitled The Playeur Journal.  I asked him what was the subject matter of the publication, and he summed it up as "Playboy meets Maxim."  He also mentioned that the artistic direction of this editorial shoot would be a dominatrix interrogating me....Read more

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Prague is Sooo Hot!

Coming to Prague was definitely a major highlight for me.  It was my first time in Eastern Europe, and I couldn't stop marveling at all the history and culture.  Too bad for the teams, production crew, and me, we wouldn't have enough time to really explore this truly spectacular place, and I would love to come back one day on my own time.

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The Backstreets of Beijing

Before I head off to work today, I'm gonna squeeze in this blog and share my time here in Beijing through my photos.  Sure, everyone knows that China will soon be the next Super-duper Power sometime in the future with its most rapidly-advancing technology and huge population, but it's still nice to know that anyone can still access the old-world grittiness and charm, especially for m...Read more

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Where'd the Fight Go??

Hahn-Yo Hah Say-Yoh!  Now, I bet a lot of you are wondering where did the fight go between Henri and me?  I was able to catch the seventh episode of The Amazing Race Asia last night here in Beijing and was anticipating the flare-up between Henri and me.  Little did I know how quickly a lot of teams were well on their way to completely unraveling.  Sure, I don't think many of us were surpri...Read more

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精 舞 门 Press Conference

This past weekend in Beijing, I attended the press conference for this new Chinese movie called  精 舞 门     I don't believe there's an English title for the project yet.It was my first time being participating in an event like this in China so it was a cool experience.  I was surprised by the number of people that showed up for the event.  Hopefully, the movie does well. 

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My "Make-Up" Case and Busan, Korea

Here I am taking a short ride on my "make-up" case at customs in Busan, Korea.  Did you know Busan is Korea's second largest city and largest trading port?  I've been using this suitcase since the first season of The Amazing Race Asia, and I still constantly get joked at for having the largest luggage during the shoot.  In fact, most of the cameramen and so...Read more

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Big is Back and Virtual Pit Stops

First and foremost, I'd like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas this holiday season.  For me, I almost didn't have the opportunity to spend my Christmas with my family and friends due to work commitments in China, but I was able to make it back in time.  After I wrapped up the music video shoot for Pepsi in Beijing, I flew back in time to attend the movie premiere of Will S...Read more

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The PEPSI Music Video shoot

I just wrapped up filming for the new Pepsi Cola music video here in Beijing.  It was actually my first time working on a music video, and I had a lot of fun although it was even colder this time around with our new skimpier outfits.

So here'...Read more

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My Virgin Mobile Elimination

Episode Four was a tough leg for all of us.  Right after we waited late into the wee hours for Brett and Kinar to arrive at the previous pit stop, my host crew had to race off to Rotorua to prepare for the arrival of the eight remaining teams.  We didn't get any sleep at all and went straight to work.  I was having a difficult time remembering my lines, and we were wondering how much mor...Read more

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