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Stopping in KL and Flying High in Singapore

Last week I had the privilege of going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to attend the official opening of the new Salvatore Ferragamo showroom in The Pavilion.  Although I was there only one night, it was a great time, especially since I haven't been to KL in awhile. 

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A Giant "Leap" Ahead for Singapore Cinema

Tomorrow marks a new era for feature films in Singapore because tomorrow is the premiere of Singapore's first English-based full feature film called The Leap Years.  The movie stars the beautiful actress Li Lin Wong as the central character Li An who meets the man of her dreams on February 29, and then the two promise to meet every leap year.  This "man of h...Read more

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From the Amazing to the Unbelievable

Well, the second season of T he Amazing Race Asia is officially over.  I hope you enjoyed watching the race from start to finish and were also able to catch the special TARA Memories episode this week.  I'd like to thank all the fans and supporters of the show with all their positive and encouraging comments, and I can't wait to get Season Three started later this year.  I'll keep you updated once I receive more information.  In the meantime, have you submitted your application cuz the deadline is coming up s...Read more

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Finale Week for The Amazing Race Asia

Huge Congratulations to Adrian and Collin for winning the second season of The Amazing Race Asia!  It's been an exciting week filled with activities to celebrate the Grand Finale of the show, and it was so great to see the teams once again.

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South Africa to the Final "RAT" Race

If you happen to be in a country where people know how to celebrate Chinese New Year, then I hope you're making the most of your time relaxing and catching up with family and relatives.  I've been having an amazing time back in Singapore, and it's kinda weird to realize that there's only one episode left of The Amazing Race Asia.  Now, there are only three...Read more

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The Police in Singapore

One of my friends invited me last night to witness a little piece of history as The Police performed for the first time in Singapore.  It was one leg on their big reunion tour, and the audience was definitely anticipating how the performance would go.  The entire show was very entertaining, especially when you know these guys are digging out some of their tracks from decades ago.  I think that was also reflected in the crowd last night, in which there were a lot of more "mature" people so I didn't feel too old.  Here ar...Read more

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Rolling with the Stones in Budhapest

Being back in Singapore has been great.  Even though I sometimes complain that the weather is too hot and humid, it sure is a lot more bearable than the freezing temperatures in Beijing.  Also, I can easily access AXN again to watch The Amazing Race Asia

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Breaking Through to Budapest, Hungary

This leg in Budapest proves to be a breakthrough leg for Adrian and Collin, who were able to finally reach first to the Pit Stop.  Of course, when I told them to reread their clue and complete the task correctly, they weren't such happy campers.  Fortunately for them, they were able to park their car at the correct location and still arrive first even though I was beginning to w...Read more

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It's Official--Prepare to Sign up for Season Three of The Amazing Race Asia!!

Beijing is getting even colder this time after my return from Singapore.  However, I just received news that AXN will officially be heating things up for me with the third season of The Amazing Race Asia.  AXN told me that the Call to Entry for applications will be out very soon so look out for it if you think you got what it takes to rac...Read more

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T*H-ree Strikes...and You 2 are Out! Plus, What's up with TARA3??

Just when you thought it might never happen, Terri and Henry (T*H) were eliminated from the race.  I was relieved for our tired crew because we had been waiting a lot of extra hours for this team to arrive in several legs now.  I don't have a problem with a team taking a long time to reach pit stop, but when they decide to stop being competitive ...Read more

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