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T*H-ree Strikes...and You 2 are Out! Plus, What's up with TARA3??

Just when you thought it might never happen, Terri and Henry (T*H) were eliminated from the race.  I was relieved for our tired crew because we had been waiting a lot of extra hours for this team to arrive in several legs now.  I don't have a problem with a team taking a long time to reach pit stop, but when they decide to stop being competitive and treat the race like a casual city tour, then I must say I do get a little "irked."  On the other hand, maybe some teams just "race" really slow.  And for that, I apologize to Terri and Henry if it is the latter.  What do you think?

This leg of the race through Prague was a lot of fun because we had the opporutunity to spend even more time inside this beautiful city.

I sure was craving an "ice, cold frosty one" after seeing this huge beer bottle advertisement floating down the river. 

Working with the local production team was a blast too.  We had a lot of fun seeing the teams race their way through the town.  Our pit stop for this leg was perched on top of a serene garden offering a scenic view of the city skyline.

The leg was particularly interesting because we introduced the "Intersection" for the first time.  If you didn't see the show, this is basically where one team has to wait for another team to arrive before completing a task.  Poor Paula and Natasha had the unenviable position of having to wait for Terri and Henry to arrive, which wouldn't happen for quite a few hours later.  However, Paula and Natasha handled the situation perfectly from waiting for the other team to arrive to finishing ahead of them to the pit stop.  After the Intersection, it should have been a neck-to-neck race to the pit stop.  Of course, Henry and Terri seem to get lost at every opportunity and ended up last once again.

"Third Time's a Charm"...for most people.  But for Terri and Henry, it was the end of the road (and race) for them.  I wonder if Paula and Natasha would've still been so happy and cheerful if they ended up coming in last and getting eliminated in this leg after waiting so long for Terri and Henry?  Probably

There's always a lot of happy faces after the leg of the race is completed, and we even finished this time to catch the sunset!  Thank you, Terri and Henry for that!

Now, a "little bird" told me that the third season of The Amazing Race Asia is almost officially On!  So if you think you got what it takes to join the race of a lifetime, then make sure you continue to tune into AXN for more information on the "Call to Entry" to apply.  Also, stay glued to to this current second season to not only find out who ultimately wins but also to pick up on valuable strategies on what to do (and not to do) if your team is selected! 

Good Luck and Have a Great Weekend!

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i'm there dude! am I allowed to wear my Alivenotdead.com gear during the race? :-P
over 12 years ago
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I wish Terri and Henry had finished ahead of Paula and Natasha at the pit stop. They might have for a moment thought that they weren't the last team only to be told to wait out the 30 minute penalty for not finishing first at that pit stop, and of course the girls wouldn't have been far behind, so the noisy Terry and the hen-pecked Henry would have been eliminated anyway. I don't understand why they were calling the girls 'scatter brain'. If it wasn't for the girls, Terry and Henry couldn't have completed that task where they had to team up, easily. I'm curious as to why Paula and Natasha are so eager to get rid of the dancing mums.
over 12 years ago
YOu are so COOL my boy !!!! Way to GO Allan !!!!!!!!!!!! Warmest regards, Rozy
over 12 years ago
Rottendoubt a4 patrick
amazing race sounds fun! cept i have no sense of direction! =)
over 12 years ago
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Prague *sighs* of all the reality tv shows, the Amazing Race is the only one worth considering =)
over 12 years ago
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I saw this episode and I had to agree it was probably the best episode yet.I feel bad for Paula and Natasha and even worst if they had came on last because they certainly didnt deserved too.Terri and Henry should be out of the race long time ago.The other interesting scene was when one of the Malaysian sisters forgot about what she had done.But the roadblock was too easy in my opinion and lastly,Im disappointed to see my Singapore boys coming on second again.Will they ever finish in 1st place,well maybe in the final leg of the race hopefully!
over 12 years ago
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didn't watch this episode yet but hope i'll catch it up before next ep.
over 12 years ago
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Hey, Allan, I just observed from reading your blogs that there is a strong kind of "emotion" coming from you while talking about Henry and Terri checking last on the pitstop. Am I right to conclude that there is something wrong between you and the couple?
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