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South Africa to the Final "RAT" Race

If you happen to be in a country where people know how to celebrate Chinese New Year, then I hope you're making the most of your time relaxing and catching up with family and relatives.  I've been having an amazing time back in Singapore, and it's kinda weird to realize that there's only one episode left of The Amazing Race Asia.  Now, there are only three final teams left in the hunt to be the winners.  I bet most people think that Marc and Rovilson are the favorites based on their overall performance during the race, but what do you think?  Do you think Adrian/Collin and Pam/Vanessa stand a chance to win?

Although it was quite a long flight to head all the way down from Budapest, racing in Capetown, South Africa, was certainly the highlight for many of us.  We stayed at this really cool and hip hotel that had an extreme sports theme and here's the view from the window by the elevator:

The interior design of the hotel was really edgy and trendy with its use of dark corridors and colored lights.

Of course, the design of each room was definitely "forward thinking,' especially since the shower was situated right next to the bed with see-through glass.  If you ever stay in a place like this, then be prepared to enjoy your roommate scrubbing down cuz there's NO place to hide!

Just when I thought I already had some great shots of Capetown down at the hotel, I was able to get some breathtaking shots up at Signal Hill.

Now, what would going to South Africa be if you didn't get to see some wild animals, right?  So we all jetted off to the Aquila Natural Reserve Park where I even had an opportunity to come up close and personal with a wild cheetah.  What a beautiful creature!

Even though I didn't get the opportunity to pet the elephants, I did have the chance to handle their dung which the contestants had to shovel.  Trust me...I'd prefer to deal with elephant dung any day of the week over dealing with human dung!

As the sun sets on the second season of TARA, I must confess that it's been even more enjoyable to watch all the teams race this second time around.  There's only one final episode left...

...and this hardworking Pit Stop mat will be rolled up one more time and then unrolled once more to announce the winners.  Having the chance to travel to South Africa and everywhere else we raced through was certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all the teams.  Luckily, for me being the host, I can look forward to making it at least a "thrice-in-a-lifetime" experience with the third season looming in the horizon.

Make sure you tune into the season finale because you don't wanna miss which team proves once-and-for-all that they're the best when it'll matter most!  AXN has organized quite a few publicity events to commemorate this moment so look out for those pictures soon!

C y'all soon and Let the Final Leg of the Race Begin in the Year of the Rat!! 

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Photo 35751
Kung Hei Fat Choi that cheetah looks awesome!
over 12 years ago
Photo 55713
When the contestants went into the Cheetah's cage, I intentionally watched the TARA2 becouse the Cheetahs looked terrify. I was quite worried about the security of the contestants, but I knew the AXN team surely made the security checked already. Finally, there is only one episode left, so, after the finale episode of TARA2, you will take a rest for long time before the new season......long time cannot see you.... I will miss you...
over 12 years ago
Photo 55287
There's only one episode left .. :( I'm so sadd that i cannot see you for a lobg time :'( never mind ! I'll wait untill TARA 3 come ! :D and i wish i can see you agian ! :) so , take care of your self !!
over 12 years ago
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Waiting for another amazing race in a new amazing year^^~
over 12 years ago
Photo 23902
beautiful! thanks for posting!
over 12 years ago
Photo 46654
Haha the last episode was funny coz they had to clean up the dungs.And i didnt know that the cheetahs was a friendly animal,probably bcoz they are tame ones.It was frustrating for me to wacth Colin and Adrian having problms starting their car but they did well in finishing 2nd.Now its the final leg.Lets hope they can finish 1st! CMON GUYS!
over 12 years ago
Redgate profile
XIn Nian Kuaile! I went to South Africa this past summer, it's gorgeous! After my outreach part, I went on a tour and also got to pet a live cheetah. Don't they purr as loud as a lawnmower?!!
over 12 years ago
Photo 52370
Wow I so glad you could visit sunny South Africa.... I can see that you really enjoy it.....
over 12 years ago
Photo 41554
hey happy chinese new year! :)
over 12 years ago
Photo 57864
很喜欢你的节目.不过内地很少可以看到,很遗憾啊.不过我一直在网上看THE AMAZING RACE .我一直很想问你个问题,你应该是看得懂中文的也会说中文吧,那你会不会写中文呢?? BLOG里的人都是写ENGLISH.你能不能写篇中文的,虽然我也能看得懂你的英文啦. 真的很喜欢很喜欢你,加油加油 新年快乐!!!
over 12 years ago
Photo 52370
Hi. If you and friends or family ever want to visit South Africa again, you are welcome to contact me. Game Farms, beautifull Big 5 fivestar farms which i can organize for you to visit and who ever you want to bring with. Good food and accomodation and prizes (Promise that there will not be see-trough showers). Especialy when you want to rest. Only have the nature and peace around you... Lea de Kock South Africa
over 12 years ago
Photo 57478
k c
hi,there! oh,i never missed an episode of TARA2! i even watch the replays! looking forward to the Finale! hope team Phils. wins! go,marc & rovilson! :> oh,just wondering...when will the third season start again? hahaha everybody's just soooo crazy about you being the host. (i'm one of them!). looking forward to seeing you on the third season! goodluck and kung hei fat choi!
over 12 years ago
Happy CNY Allan! Hope you have a great year of the Rat!
over 12 years ago
Photo 58551
Can't wait for the final episode! go Marc & Rovilson! Go team Philippines! =)
over 12 years ago
Photo 57914
Amazing race asia season 2 is all over.... Congratulations to Collin and Adrian , Well Done Boys... really happy to see them come first in the final leg Allan, I will miss you and can't wait for season 3 Happy Valentine's Day ...I see you soon
over 12 years ago
Photo 317753
Table mountain @ South Africa. nice pic.
almost 12 years ago


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