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Soon to Arrive

Well, the second season of The Amazing Race Asia is right around the corner, and it's great to hear that people are really excited about it.  In fact, people have already been asking me how they can sign up for Season Three.  I don't even know if there will be another season, but we can all wish for it, especially since Santa Claus will be crashing your neighborhood Chimney next month.  Regardless of where the race goes from here, I highly recommend you check out Season Two and understand the strategy behind the race because you'll realize there's a lot more to it than just brain and brawns. 

Yesterday, I just did another one of my voiceover sessions for the show.  And even though I don't necessarily get to see them all, I must say it's fun just to recall and recite everything that transpires.  You will be blown away by everything that happens.  In fact, watching Season Two might make you reconsider your desires to join cuz it's actually totally tough and really intense.  I've even come to realize that being the host is probably more suitable for me now...even though I've always enjoyed competition in sports and shows like Fear Factor.

The picture above is a shoot I did with four of the contestants from Season Two.  It's great that we can all get together and be friends despite what goes down during the race

Once you see how competitive the teams get, you'll be be surprised we can all stand here and still look so happy together. 

People sometimes ask me whether I workout during the course of filming?  In a nutshell, I don't.  I essentially just "write off" the entire duration of filming and work on getting enough rest and sleep to make it through the race.  Afterwards, I can hopefully use that as motivation to get me off my butt to get back in shape.  Remember, the Pyramids weren't built in one day so you need to think small before you GO BIG! 

I gotta get going to a meeting, but I'll be sure to post up some behind-the-scenes photos of the race once I "flag off' on Thursday night so catch up with ya soon! 

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ha, i haven't seen any of 'Amazing Race' since my building stopped carrying AXN, but i may have to start forcing my friends to DVR it...
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Mark moran in spokane 920x920
I can't wait for the show to start. As I mentioned, it's the whole reason I got AXN at home ... I watch the U.S. version religiously too. Do they require you to watch the original when you do this show? How much of what you do is based on the host for the other version vs. your own take on things?
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Sweet! Thanks for sharing!
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Hi, I'm all ready for the 2nd season of AR Asia dis Fri, 23rd..yes..yes..yes, just can't wait!!! ha...Keep up the great work!
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Haha, I've seen enough of The Amazing Race to know what's involved. 11 seasons of the original (I've yet to see Season 12) and 3 episodes into the first season of Asia, and you get the general idea! Haha! Yeah, been my fave show since I saw the last episode of the first ever season of the original (which was my first episode - so upset I missed the rest of the season). I wouldn't join. I'd end up killing whoever my teammate is. Plus, I wouldn't be able to do all the animal challenges cos I have a phobia of animals. Plus, it's much better watching than actually doing it!
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