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Finale Week for The Amazing Race Asia

Huge Congratulations to Adrian and Collin for winning the second season of The Amazing Race Asia!  It's been an exciting week filled with activities to celebrate the Grand Finale of the show, and it was so great to see the teams once again.

The festivities started off with a formal dinner at the new St. Regis Hotel, which just opened less than two months ago.  It's actually my first time venturing inside, and I just cannot believe how fast these structures can be erected.  If I recall correctly, there was literally nothing there less than two years ago!

After a night of good food and company, we all took the open-air Hippo bus to Sentosa for the AXN Affiliates Amazing Race the following morning. 

AXN organized this mini-race for the delegates to get a "taste test" of the race with one genuine"TARA racer" leading each of the ten teams.  This leg lasted less than two hours so everyone wouldn't be too tired for the big Finale party later in the evening.

Of course, once I flagged off the race, all the TARA racers quickly got everyone serious about winning.  I had a great time seeing how competitive everyone was during this event.  Marc wasn't feeling well that morning, but he still worked hard to keep his team in the front.  Armed with her degree from M.I.T., Sawaka wasted no time figuring out the puzzles.

I even had a chance to try out the Sentosa Luge for the first time, and the view heading up on the lift was definitely worth the trip itself.

Throughout the entire morning's race, the teams were all sweaty and smiles.  Vanessa and her team just couldn't wait to head down the luge and onto the Pit Stop.

And the winning team was...

...Pamela's!  I think she was a little surprised she had beaten all the teams, and I KNOW she was even more surprised with the prize "money"....

...for winning this AXN Affiliates Amazing Race, Pamela's team won $100,000 AXNDollars!    However, everyone was awarded a plaque, certificate, and new Sony PSP!  Marc couldn't believe his eyes...

...and Rovilson was so happy, he could eat it!

We all had a great time watching the teams race once again with their new teammates this morning.  And now that this "race" is over, it was time to prepare for the evening's festivities at Indochine at Clarke Quay, the venue for the Finale party of TARA2.  The night was a memorable time with everyone really excited to find out who won the race.  I'll be sure to post up a bunch of pics for your viewing pleasure.  In the meantime, here are few to whet your appetite!  If you thought the girls and guys looked good while racing, you should've see them at the party!

With a seemingly endless supply of sponsored Singha beer for the night, even Utt popped by to join Paula, me, and the race gang to partake in some of that heritage of his!

...and Rosanne even took time out of her busy schedule here in Singapore to join in the festivities.  Albeit brief, it's been great seeing and catching up with her.

I'll be sure to post up a lot more pictures from this crazy week's festivities so catch ya later...if not sooner!

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Photo 55287
Oh ~ TARA 2 is finished ! :( it's so bad . I wanna watch it again ! . However i'll wait for seasin 3 Hope u'll be Host agian :) TAKE CARE !! :):):)
over 12 years ago
Photo 55713
Nice to know that you and the racer have activities together after ending of TARA2. Next TARA, hope you will be Host again la. Waiting for your update news. Goodluck.
over 12 years ago
Photo 46374
Gosh ~ My friends and I did screaming last night. It was appeared that nice and smart guys like Adrian and Collin got what they deserved !!! 3 cheers for them and you all \(^o^)/ Waiting for more pix =)
over 12 years ago
Photo 57864
I am waiting for season3 haha~~~ I am so excited to see u update your blog~~ Take care vivian
over 12 years ago
Photo 56349
you are indeed a great host of TARA. enjoy your entries and happy partying...
over 12 years ago
45862083 0af2fd4d5d
wow cool, Rosanne even showed up, you guys look like you had a lot of fun.
over 12 years ago
Photo 46374
How's today exchange rate ... *biggrin*
over 12 years ago
Hi Allan, Yes indeed it was great we cld catch up for a bit =) Thank you for your invitation !! This party makes me realised that I'm missing out big time for not joining this season heehee !!! Cheers and hope to see u very soon =) xx Rozy
over 12 years ago
Photo 56450
Hi Allan, TARA 2 was really an unforgettable season for me as a follower of amazing race (US & Asia). Really enjoyed every episodes of this season specially having Marc & Rovilson in the race made it much entertaining and fun to watch. They really did a GREAT job as a team and we are so proud of them even though they didn't make it 1st (as they always did) at the last pitstop.= ( i guess you'll also agree with me that Marc & Rov had the most amazing performance in the entire TARA. "No other Team can match their calibre" right? You too, really did an amazing job as a host and so were the production team of TARA & AXN. KUDOS to you all. Just curious, how did you feel about the whole TARA season 2 and also about the best buddies' performance in this race? Congratulations to all the three teams!!! they really worked hard for it. ‘Til the next TARA. looking forward to season 3. = )
over 12 years ago
Photo 56450
Hey, I enjoyed reading your blogs. You sure had a great time during the entire TARA. =)Thanks for sharing your experiences in all the places you went to and for all the pictures too. Hope to get a chance to visit also the places you featured. By the way Paula & Vanessa participated in the Nivea Challenge held in the Philippines and they were also joined by best buddies' Marc & Rovilson. It was featured in the TV program of Marc, Sports Unlimitted. It seems like they still have a hang over of the race. they still wanted to race more. hehehe. Its so addicting. We'll see you in TARA3. = )
over 12 years ago
Img 20150314 wa0041
TQ for sharing the interesting stories of TARA experience with us. I really enjoyed reading your blogs.. I feel like participating in TARA coz got 2 travel around the world.. Fantastic!!
over 12 years ago
Photo 60505
Very nice photos :) Thanks for sharing
over 12 years ago
Photo 41554
you're indeed a great host - jiayous!!! :)
over 12 years ago
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Sad its the finale but I had fun watching the participants around the world. Cant wait for the 3rd TARA.
over 12 years ago


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