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MISO COOL CENTRAL ............... yummm

Misocool cos' miso-hungry

The new hip place to be when u r feeling hungry but still wants to be seen and show you have style.....misocool is the new place to be 1/F No.11 Stanley St. in Central ...... DID I mention the food is good toooooo..... is not just another ramen and bento resturant , there were more to that......other then the amazing ramen and bento, the side dishes really got my attention. Fire Gyoza with fish roe on top, the deep fired scallop just melt in your mouth and the grilled oyster with spicy sauce plus their famous smoothies.... it was an affordable dinning experience...The Deco is Chic but functional... although lunch hours in central could be pretty packed but HK people do eat really fast , so the wait is not as long. The large Canteen created a comfort zone when you are sharing a table because of the space between seats , the high ceiling and wide table made the atmosphere enjoyable. The Staff are young and effective, price range are pretty low from 40 - 150HKD..... no one would have thought you could walk in to a place like this , be statisfied ....stilll have lots of loose change when u come out.Open Kitchen too....Ohhh did i mention the touch screen juke box, hip and chic music is always playing at Misocool but there's a 42inch horizontal plasma TV on the walk where customers could choose the tunes they like while they eat by using the touch screen function. there's a one is Quarry Bay too ......

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Jayson 93 2
Nice! Will have to check it out.
almost 15 years ago
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i enjoy eating here a lot... :-P
over 14 years ago


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