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Love being Creative.... and now expanded on to design in reality into different mediums...Urban Vinyl, Home products, Graphics, web, artworks and fashion... For me is all about ideas and being creative ... I guess other then life itself , for me is my work, which is divied into 3 seperate sector stil surrounded by design and marketing... My production company which has all the urban elements under one roof, Creative/Design, Music Production, Event/Talent Management, Dance School, promotion the urban culture. The second sector is my home products company where I'm still trying my best to make boring home products with a new look. Then there's my car shop, nuf said is a car shop with creative minds bring custom rides to life....

Union Productions

Culture, at a business outlook, is inherently part of the entertainment industry. With that being said, pecuniary interests are found within making the product entertaining. In Hong Kong, let alone Asia, many companies and artists have forgotten about this basic rule, as a lot of what is representative of the entertainment industry has ceased to be entertaining at all.

We at Union understand this. As our namesake borrows from a certain Tarot card, we are teachers, traditionalist, and revolutionaries; we have the fundamental values in which the concept of entertainment can once again flourish. Or goal is to create a bastion for innovation and passion in which culture – more specifically, Asian Urban Music Culture - can thrive in places that have little to no recognition of such arts.
Our goals are simple. We will become one of the loudest alternative voices of the people – for the people in fact, and it is in our means to revive a culture that has been so hastily shunned and marketed as merely a trend. Through production, publication, and education, Urban Music in Asia will finally have its place amongst the world. And we’ll have fun doing it.

Urban Music, specifically Hip Hop, is made up of : DJs, Dancers, Emcees,Creative Team, Graffiti Artists, and Beatboxers and more. As the core members of the Union crew each claim affinity to at least one of these parts, we have banded together, united by our passion and our common goals. Therefore, the purpose of Union then is to bring these elements together under the proverbial roof, and have a place in Hong Kong where people who are interested in these elements come together. We welcome everyone and anyone who shares our passion; we want to be the place of artistic collaboration and spontaneity for those who believe in the same things we do.

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Languages Spoken
english, cantonese
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Vancouver, Canada
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July 18, 2007