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Gonna Serve You Right!

So if i haven't said Happy New Year to you all... HAPPY NEW YEAR! What a start! Got 2 new shows coming up. "Serevs You Right" and "Untitled". Yes, that's what it is called at the moment, Untitled. ...

Pretty decent considering the downturn. Let's hope we can all keep our heads above the water...

I got some behind-the-scenes stuff on the Serves You Right set. Check it out! :)

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18 Grams of Love @ Sinema Old School. Hurry!

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The Carrot Cake Conversations opens Nov 6 at Golden Village cinemas!

The Carrot Cake Conversations opens tomorrow at GV cinemas.

I have not seen it myself so I'm a little, you know, petrified. But its all good. Director Michael Wang was a joy to work with.

Cross your fingers and hope for the best! :)

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The Asian Film Market in Pusan.

I know this is late. As always. Sorry folks.

So Anyway, Eng Tiong (my producer) and I decided to attend the Asian Film Market in Pusan this year. This would be my first trip to Han Guo. And here is a little pictorial commentary on the trip...

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Business Times Weekend - Revamped

Was at Raffles Place this afternoon during lunch hour to promote the revamped Busniess Times Weekend. Seeing that they (SPH) are such nice people, i'll pull a plug for them on my bloggie.

So for those of you who don't already kno...Read more

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Sense of Home airs tomorrow 14 Sep, 10pm. Channel 5.

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Chan Brothers Travel Fair is Back!

I was on shoot for the new Chan Brothers Travel Fair commercial yesterday. Did both the English and Mandarin versions.

I'm so hungry now, all I remember from yesterday is the awesome briyani i had for lunch. Crap! Didn't take photo. But I took photos from the shoot!

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My Calefare Days

I made a guest appearance on an episode of Calefare earlier this week. Was fun hangin with the crew again. Miss those shanghai days. Fiona is in the main cast too, so it was kinda like a Sense of Home reunion for me.

So the main cast includes Gurmit, Fiona, Benji, Kak Mas, Vadi, Tracy 'Tommy' Tan & the very funny WOODY Milintachinda. According to him, his dad had a "woody" when his parents were "making" him. (No shi...Read more

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Shanghai Birthday

Celebrated my 29th this past week in Shanghai with the cast and crew of "Baby Blues" which is the last episode of the Sense of Home series.

It was after a long day and we were just about wrapping up in the last location, which was also my apartment. I had already gotten into my sleep wear and was finishing off some emailing on my lappie, when they switched off all the lights. Then somebody said, "Equipment check." So i was like damn blur la. What kind of equipment could you possibly be checking for in the dark???...Read more

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Comic Con Certified.

I am hereby certified Comic Con friendly! WooHoo!

Just received this in the mail this morning. The Official Certificate of Appreciation for being an Official Selection at last year's Comic Con Indie film fest. (Yes, it has been a year!)

I'm still kicking myself for not attending. I could have attended SO MANY events for FR...Read more

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