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Sense of Home airs tomorrow 14 Sep, 10pm. Channel 5.

Hey Folks.

Seeing that Sense of Home premieres tomorrow night, I thought I'd just back track a little bit and upload some photos from the shoot in Shanghai...

Fiona, Aunty Cat and myself shooting the interstitial for P5.

May stealing the scene & TJ getting the best out of his DOP, Joel.

On our day off, Aunty Cat and I decided to go around taking photos. One of the amazing things about Shanghai is the existence of both old and modern residential areas. These were taken at some back alley of a slum area that we were filming in...

The old lady you see at the end of this set of photos, is actually dumping off the crap (pang sai) collected from her tiny flat. Every now and then, when her 'potty' is filled up, she has to make a trip to the common toilet downstairs and dump it all off into that "refuse collection unit"... that's what I call it, at least.

Edwin, our Cam Assistant, eating a freak bao... with a nipple.

Filming along Qi Pu Lu. There were so many people it was not funny. Edwin's nightmare location. "Hey Edwin! Where is the camera?"

Me enjoying a nice hot bowl of ChongQing Suan La Fen. Hmm.... Heaven! I swear, its shiok one!

And finally, here are some prop photos. You know the kind of things you stick around the set to make it look like the characters are authentic? Hahaha!

There are more pics in the photo album. Later folks! :)

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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
nice!!! tell fiona to come back on the site! =D
over 12 years ago
Photo 131614
Wow.... Cool pics...=.=
over 12 years ago


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