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In lovely company... ? #tbt #2219 #nlp #greattimes #tutu @nathanhartono @narellekheng @shabirofficial #togglesg

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I had 2 of our hawt-est dudes for bodyguards. Not bad. #Daigor #mylovesinema #premiere…

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What a fun afternoon with this bunch ! Thanks for joining me today! #thoughtfulnesssg #moveinmartin #bagdownbenny #hushhushhannah #givewayglenda #standupstacey @ltasg @flyentertains #iamsoskinny ?

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I'm already here... cafe hopping!!! Will be on stage at the Atrium at 3.30pm. ?? see ya!…

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See you in one hour! @ltasg @flyentertains #thoughtfulnesssg #wekeepyourworldmoving @ Marina Square

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Some days need to be off days. #howabouttoday #togglesg @ToggleSG #NLP #dungeon…

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Night out. ??? #anniethemusical #wifey #focusonthefamily #howapt @ MasterCard Theatres At Marina…

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A morning in HK

Am in the land of alivenotdead. On a 4 hour transit from SG to NYC for Singapore Day.  Man! It's been yonks since I posted something here. Why not now... since I have time to kill. I've always thought posting pics make for more interesting blogs. Then again, it's quite a hassle... to load my pics on the com then add them into AnD again. Too much work. Dammit! I'm a slave to convenience. Anyway you can see pics on Twitter & FB.For now, blogging is going to be text. Plain text. Unless the occasion calls for pics, it's go...Read more

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The Kung Fu Panda 2 TV Interstitials

Here you go guys. The labour of my LA trip...  Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsKNk77cA64Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38OVhzqik6w-AT

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KUNG FU PANDA 2 Junket: Back in LA... in awesome style!


Its great to be back in LA. The smell at LAX was all too familiar. I swear I would know I was in LA even if I was blind. 

 Couldn't wait to catch up with some of the folks here. My schedule was like packed everyday with just catching up with friends. Solid! Apologies to those of you whom I am unable to meet on this trip. But...Read more

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