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The Asian Film Market in Pusan.

I know this is late. As always. Sorry folks.

So Anyway, Eng Tiong (my producer) and I decided to attend the Asian Film Market in Pusan this year. This would be my first trip to Han Guo. And here is a little pictorial commentary on the trip...

So my first meal in Korea was... yeah I know. Brilliant ain't it? Oh give me a break. I was hungry. So  I picked the first thing that resembled food.

I was on transit in Seoul. My plane was late as you can tell... by 2 hours. So I lazed around...

Upon arriving. The first order of the day... Porn. No seriously, we were going through the trade papers. That's a poster of a "chick" flick called Drifting Flowers.

I watched "Cape Number 7" btw. It was pretty awesome. Very simply done. But did the job. I enjoyed it immesely. I can see why it did so well in theTaiwan box office.

Eng Tiong Still indulging in porn... :p

Opening Night party. Lots of good food. Nothing really Korean though. I also missed the dessert. Damn! However we made up for that by going to Baskin Robbins after that. So I basically went through my first day in Korea without consuming any Korean delicacies. :(

I did SEE some while walking through the Haeundae Night Market though. Check these little buggers out!

So meanwhile, back at the film market...

Thunder Boys poster proudly on display outside the MDA booth.

Good location. Just right next to the lift lobby, where most of the ttraffic takes place.

Then if anyone walks into the MDA booth, the first thing they see is...

...TADA! Another cool Thunder Boys poster!

Then its off to lunch. My first "proper" Korean meal. Cheers to that!

Mr Juan Foo, aka Co-Producer from The Shooting Gallery Asia, toasting to a successful project!

My lunch. Its been quite a while, so I can't quite recall what this meal was. I think it's some beef noodle stew... with rice on the side. Rather plain looking ey? The tastiest stuff is probably the kimchi and green chilli you see at the top.

Took a walk in the afternoon, in between meetings...

Me outside the Seacloud Hotel, our Film Market Venue.

The lovely Haeundae Beach. Would have loved to get myself one of those chairs.

Along the beach, were stalls set up to sell merchandise or anything related to movies and film. It was film paradise! Actually I saw one very random thing which i regret not having a photo of. And that is people giving away free bananas! Had no idea what that was all about, but it sure was funny. Cool Bananas!

There was also a visual arts school, which had set up a booth at the beach carnival, recruiting students!

Eng Tiong and I were the only 2 people in blazers walking around the beach. A little over dressed?

And just to prove that I WAS at the beach...

Ok that doesn't exactly prove anything. But ok never mind. Moving on...

Some things we take for granted. This may be an everyday piece of equipment for us, but people actually que up for a "ride" on this dolly.

After we got bored of the beach we decided to go and steal Festival Posters...

Damn it! Kena caught!

Actually we were helping to put them up. Honest!

On the Pusan subway. Don't remember exactly where we were going, but I do remember being damn hungry. Ah! Must be going for dinner!

Indeed. DInner it was. With our friends from the SFC. That's Chee Wee, the number 2 man in SFC at the moment.

Btw, can I just say that in Korea, their restaurants are sooooo specialized that when you open the menu, there are only about 5 to 6 dishes you can choose from. And they are all a variation of the same thing!

For example, at this reataurant there was Chicken Stew with rice; Plain Chicken Stew; Ginseng Chicken Stew with rice or without; Kimchi Chicken Stew with rice or without... You get my drift...

And this was my dinner. Aw man! The best damn chicken I ever tasted! It's ginseng chicken stuffed with rice. Its damn yummy! oh my gawd!

You see that chicken in the soup? cut it open and rice comes oozing out. Shiok one!

And finally, we got down to business...


The four musketeers talking action plans for Thunder Boys... over what else but packets of good ol potato chips!

That's all I have for now.

Kamsahamnida!Annyong haseyo!

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Photo 131614
Wow....CooL pics from Korea...Have a great time....=.=
over 12 years ago
Photo 22991
the sausage mcmuffin looks so much bigger there! Wat's those gross sausage like things submerged??? my family is quite an avid fan of The Noose
over 12 years ago
Photo 31454
wth is this?!
about 12 years ago


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