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  • Working with Keanu Reeves on "Man of Tai Chi"

    Saturday, Nov 23, 2013 11:19PM / Members only

    Man of Tai Chi starring Keanu Reeves
    Last year I was very lucky to get a really awesome and unusual job - working on the set of Man of Tai Chi directed and starred in by Keanu Reeves! 

    It started when my friend asked me if I'd like to come along to assist with the aerial shooting for the film, which resulted in me joining the reconnaissance flights with the assistant director and acting as ground crew for the helicopter. Then after chatting with the Locations Manager for a while I found out that they were still missing a key location for the final shooting days - an underground car park. I decided to offer my services! A few days later and after a lot of phone calls to old friends, I had their property booked - the basement car park of Exchange Tower, a landmark building from Sino Land in Kowloon Bay. 

    Shortly after that I got invited to be on set again, this time for the green screen shooting at the legendary Shaw Studios in Tseung Kwan O. It was an incredibly exciting night! Apart from getting to watch them building machines that would spin and implode cars and erect three storeys of green screen, it was also the same night that Typhoon Vicente hit, the first typhoon to reach T10 (the highest signal) since 1999! We worked right through the typhoon and when we left at 5am in the morning trees were blown all over the roads and destruction and debris was everywhere. Despite that, it was a fantastic night. Just incredible to watch some of the most dramatic scenes of the film come together whilst the typhoon raged around us. At the end we took the crew photos and you can just about spot me hiding on the left hand side:  

    Spencer Douglass Keanu Reeves Man of Tai Chi Crew Photo

    Man of Tai Chi Crew Photo with Spencer Douglass and Keanu Reeves

    After we wrapped the shooting though the fun wasn't entirely over, as I got asked to help out on one final duty: organising the wrap party! Can't have a film shoot without a wrap party and with aviation still in mind, we decided to have ours at The Aviation Club located at the old airport in Kai Tak. It was a great fun night with a live Blues & Funk band, lots of delicious food and most importantly plenty of alcohol. We even had a photo booth with all kinds of bizarre props like knight's helmets and swords to take photos of ourselves with. Everyone had a great time and Keanu and his team were able to relax and let off some steam.

    Here we are at the after party (no idea why I look so miserable about what was actually a great night):
    Spencer Douglass and Keanu Reeves
    If you're a fan of Keanu Reeves and enjoyed reading this then please make sure to check out the trailer for Man of Tai Chi below:

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  • Spencer Douglass - Harvey Nichols X Jonathan Jay Lee Chinese New Year (CNY) Campaign!

    Sunday, Jun 2, 2013 10:09PM / Members only

    I love art (at least most art) and I am a huge fan of Jonathan Jay Lee's work, so when he contacted me to ask if I could help arrange a cooperation with him and Harvey Nichols for Chinese New Year I was overjoyed. This is exactly the kind of work I love to do - helping truly creative and highly skilled people (artists, musicians, directors etc.) to link up with forward thinking and creative brands to help them get their work out into the public eye!

    So who is this Jonathan Jay Lee that I'm talking about? Well he is an extremely talented comic artist, illustrator, digital artist and painter who also happens to be the only Hong Kong born and raised comic artist I know of to be published by Marvel Comics! He was invited to draw his own version of The Punisher for the anthology comic book titled "Strange Tales" that Marvel releases every year. For this awesome project JJL basically did a Chinese Triad version of The Punisher set in HK! Now tell me that's not awesome?

    You can check out a selection of Jonathan's fantastic artwork here:
    Agent 88 Artwork for Heavy Metal Magazine

    Cityscapes of Canton Road and West Kowloon

    Original Artwork - Last Kiss
    Live Painting for Hong Kong Jockey Club & Illustration for Kronenbourg 1664

    Jonathan Jay Lee's Version of The Punisher & his original creation Wolf & Cub
    Original Commissioned Artwork - The Drummer
    So for this crossover job with Harvey Nichols, they were looking for JJL to specifically design a co-branded Jonathan Jay Lee X Harvey Nichols loyalty card for their most important VIP customers to celebrate Chinese New Year. The cards would be individually mailed to each VIP with a value of HK$888 pre-installed on the card for them to use at any Harvey Nichols store. For the card itself they wanted it to be an original artistic creation in Jonathan's typical style, but also to reflect traditional Chinese New Year values and artwork. This eventually led to a JJL's re-interpretation of a popular motif from ancient China the Boy and Ox in the field.

    Have a look below to see what the final card looked like:
    Can't wait to do our next collaboration project together! In the meantime you can check out the rest of Jonathan Jay Lee's work here: jonathanjaylee.com

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  • ALATAS Crane Services Worldwide - Producing The Most Popular Crane Repair Videos !

    Friday, May 31, 2013 7:26PM / Members only

    Alatas crane services worldwide is a large multi-national company that supplies crane parts and crane services from 8 different offices across the globe. This includes repairs of crane motors, pumps, winches and gearboxes at their hydraulic workshops. 

    I was introduced to Alatas by my good friend Chris Wright who has a strong background in corporate video though he works primarily in recruitment now. At that moment the Alatas Hong Kong team were looking to put together a video that would give a good showcasing of their hydraulic workshop and it's services, especially focussing on their crane motor repairs.

    One of the challenges of this project was that engineering in general and the servicing of cranes in specific, is not generally considered a very exciting topic, but it was very important to Alatas that we did not produce the sort of documentary style voice-over led video that is common among across the entire engineering industry. Rather they wanted something short, attractive and fast moving that would at the same time give a very clear understanding of all their services and key points of quality to even a person unfamiliar with their industry casually watching the video. Obviously hitting both of these aims simultaneously meant we had our work cut out for us. Luckily we were helped by the fact that they have a beautiful workshop which is kept in immaculate condition, as you can see from the photos below:



    In any case we decided to go for it full throttle and set about shooting a relatively fast-paced video of the journey of a crane motor through the Alatas Hydraulic Workshop. The main reference videos we had to work with (representing some of the best existing videos of a similar nature) were over 20 minutes long, shot in a dull 70's Open University documentary style and accompanied by lengthy and incredibly boring explanatory voiceovers. We decided to scrap this format entirely and go for a 5 minute long, high energy, music driven video with just a few titles integrated into the scenes to act as extra guidance for what's going on. In general though, I think you can follow the linear voyage of the motor through the workshop from arrival to dismantling, cleaning, repairing, re-assambly and testing without needing to pay attention to the titles.

    Well we think we did a pretty good job of taking what is quite far from being the most riveting and exciting subject matter and transforming it into a fairly fast-moving and engaging video, in the process altering the ages old documentary format of engineering videos. Apparently we're not alone in our general regard of ourselves, as over 30,000 engineers from all over the world have watched the video making it one of the most popular videos on the net from the crane repair / hydraulic workshop / hydraulic motor category. Have a look and see what you think:

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  • PizzaExpress Showcase Video!

    Wednesday, Apr 10, 2013 12:39PM / Members only

    Well I have to say that I have been a very long time fan of the PizzaExpress brand, specifically 20 years long since I first went to London as a student in 1993. The idea that I could eat fantastic fresh baked Italian style pizza for a budget within my pretty limited student range and even get to see the Pizzaola tossing the dough, all seemed a bit unreal to me coming from the PizzaHut dominated land of Hong Kong. So when they came to me all that time later and asked if I would be interested to work on a new showcase video for them, as you can imagine I very enthusiastically said "YES". 

    Before we could get started on the video itself, we needed to attend meetings and have lots of discussion time, this meant lots and lots of delicious pizza and pasta and along with Spiriteca (importers of incredible whiskey and other rare spirits), was one of the most enjoyable build-ups to a job I have ever experienced! 

    Now there are probably a lot of things about PizzaExpress that you don't know. Firstly the company was started when Peter Boizot went to Italy in 1948 and saw real Pizzaolas tossing dough in the air for the first time in his life. He vowed to bring this Italian tradition back to England with him and succeeded in doing so in 1965 with a Pizza oven from Rome and a chef from Sicily. 

    Another thing you may not know is that PizzaExpress has been a major supporter of jazz music since they started doing jazz performances at their Dean Street location in London in 1969. Some of the jazz greats that have been featured there are Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones and Jamie Cullum. 

    And did you realise that PizzaExpress is helping to prevent Venice from sinking? In 1977 they created the Pizza Veneziana and from then till today a percentage of every one sold goes to the Venice in Peril Fund. 

    You get the idea - it's an interesting company that does some unexpected stuff. 

    Back to our little project. So the mandate was quite straightforward - make a beautiful video that captured the various key elements of PizzaExpress: the location, the design and art which they support, the commitment to high quality super fresh ingredients, the pursuit of the most traditional Italian ways of pizza preparation, the fun, relaxed atmosphere and of course most important - the customers! 

    Well a lot to pack into a short 1.5 minute video, but I think we did a pretty good job of it! And by the way, we also created the 3D animated version of their logo at the top of this page :-)

    Check out the final video we made here: 

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  • Joey Yung 容祖兒 Recording of Mayfly 蜉蝣

    Sunday, Apr 7, 2013 5:39AM / Members only

    Joey Yung 容祖兒 at This Music Studio with Spencer Douglass

    I've been very lucky in these past few years to be able to work with some really talented people across very exciting industries like music, film and TV. One of the main people I've cooperated with over this time period is my old friend and music producer extra-ordinaire Kelvin Avon also known by his producer name Afreex. Kelvin is a double platinum selling music producer in the UK, having sold over 2 million albums in total across his various projects there and has also had top hits in places as diverse as Russia, Turkey, Germany, France and Sweden. Most recently he has been working out of Hong Kong over the last 3 years and that is how we got the opportunity to work together.

    This is a pic of Kelvin with one of his Platinum selling albums produced for the UK band N'Dubz:

    Kelvin Avon's platinum selling album with N'Dubz

    You can also check out his website and blog here: Afreex

    Since Kelvin arrived in Hong Kong, we have had the chance to work together with many different well known Asian stars including: Sandy Lam (林憶蓮), Van Ness Wu (吳建豪),  Jun Kung (恭碩良), MC Jin (歐陽靖), Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁), Race Wong (黃婉伶), Rosanne Wong (黃婉君), Michael Wong (王敏德) and many others. 

    Although I was not directly involved in Kelvin's production and recording of the song Mayfly (蜉蝣) for Joey Yung (容祖兒) he kindly invited me along to sit in on the recording session at This Music Studio

    The song was a great success and reached no.1 on the RTHK Radio 2 charts! Although it was not originally intended to be a "plug song" as it was the last album to be added to the album and the 4 plug songs had already been chosen, but because demand from the fans was so strong EEG decided to shoot a music video to the song and put it out in Karaoke's around Hong Kong. The video they shot turned out very well and you can check it out here: 

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    十一国庆节快乐 开心每一天哦
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    Just wanted to stop by n say hi
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    Happy New Years from everyone at alivenotdead.com!
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    Hey! Sorry i haven't been on this site for ages!

    I just wrapped up on MEGAMI. Its this sci-fi flick which involves martial arts and me being badass. It was a lot of fun! You can check out photos on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12814382044&ref=ts

    Have a great day!
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    thanks man! seeya around! peace, B
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    残疾人艺术团 刘根水 恭祝您:快乐幸福每一天!
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    Right back atcha'
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    Rachel Tan
    Thursday, Jul 29, 2010 5:53PM [Report]
    watched the MV we talked about. Good stuff!
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    Hey.Spencer Douglass.Very sincerely want to be friends with you
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    Hey buddy!!~ Thx for those cool comments!~ Will let ya know when it'll be ready and out!~ Cheers and catch up soon!~
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    hhaaa wow talent agency? I'M A TALENT!! hahahaa my stuff's on web.me.com/rachelpoon lemme know if anything comes up!

    i actually just started hosting a kids' show for TVB O.o................................
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    hey... i'm alright... same old... you? what you up to these days?
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