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velocity STOPS

So I don't know what to say. I probably shouldn't be printing this. But this isn't a new character or anything like that so its not like I'm letting the cat out the bag or anything. Its just a new teams take on the IP, so hopefully no one gets mad and sues me. But I had to share, cuz I fear it will

never be seen. and that sucks.

I've been talking with artist Chris Cross,http://www.chriscross-eternalkick.blogspot.com/,  about collaborating on some works. I have been a fan of his for a bit and low and behold, Cross was a fan of mine. So it was a chocolate and peanut butter situation.

I had not done anything comic book related in a few years now and the only reason was to do some serious lovin' on the page or get paid well...preferably both. I've fucking seriously paid my comic book dues..and I use the word "fucking" to emphasis how serious I am when I say that.lol

So yeah, we talked alot. then one day he convinces me to entertain the idea of doing a book for Top Cow. I have to say convince because A thats usually not the style I do (but was open to do styles outside of my comfort zone) and B theres a little history there that made it that more unappealing.

But in the spirit of change and evolving I went through the motions. DId a new style, took a huuuuuge fucking pay cut (note the use of the word again) and squashed the history.

but at the end of the day, to make a longer story shorter, it was for not...and for once I wasn;t even involved. I did my work and kept my big mouth shut...yet small  peepees prevail. whos small peepee? I know not. but it was big enough to stop this project dead.

my inside source tells me. no one from the studio ever contacts me and it was 4 months worth of work, gone. bye bye...with no regard, no communication. what a huge disappointment.

I hope top cow sees this and realizes how disappointing that was, is. this project could of rocked it. We were all proud of our work, you had a killer creative team dummy heads!

I'm over it, just thought I'd share the feelings I went through when I was dealing with it a few weeks back.lol, sharing is good. now it don't belong to  me. it belongs to all of us.lol

So Alive not Dead viewers, if you dig this shit and feel moved enough, contact top cow and tell them how much it sucked they couldn't work it out. whatever the fuck it was. For the sake of future awesome projects they could possible blow.

I for one can't cross (pun not intended) that bridge again...keep doing what I do and I'll keep getting what I get.

but I have to add that at the end of the day it was worth it, because participation is key.

thanks for reading.

ps- I'm the digital painter on this project.

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Damm shame! But always look at the positive and keep pushing forward!!! Just remember the harder it is the more its worth having ;) This looks awesome dude!!! The energy, the colours and so different!!!...... It Rocks!!!
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