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MORE practice

After I did my first tattoo I was all amped to do more. Luckily I had set up a drawing session with Alex. I met Alex through Cree, one of our other apprentices. They are dating and she was kind enough to let me draw on her for practice. Drawing on people is the weirdest thing. much different than paper and you really have to commit. makes me feel like 5 years old again...which isn't such a bad thing.

So Alex doesn't have any tattoos and has no desire to get any...but after I drew this she said she didn't want to wash it off...hummmm,lol, I got her!!!

I love my new path. This  tattoo stuff is totally for me.

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Photo 221609
totally awesome! she's wearing it perfectly. pretty big tattoo for a first? wish i could see it for real... organic and alive. very cool....
almost 15 years ago
Photo 221609
haha... wait, not a tattoo.... yet? you and cree should talk her into it.
almost 15 years ago
Photo 68906
nice work big guy~
almost 15 years ago
Photo 214991
Nice pattern and flow looks sweet man!!! That would make an awesome first tattoo!!!
almost 15 years ago


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