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so here it is, my new baby. Its a platform to promote and show case creators and their content in the visual arts mediums. You have to join the site to have the opportunity

to be promoted. But essentially I designed this site to eventually be a yellow pages to creators and content and a hub for people who are wanting to find the latest and greatest. Its still raw. it was designed to be finished with the participation and feedback from its members to be customized to our communities needs(and when I say community I mean our  global community). In addition to what is there we will eventually have editorials, tutorials, listings for schools, freelance agents and industry centric web sites as well as interviews etc etc. We have a strong traffic rating so we will be offering advertisement as well to anyone interested.

I designed the home page, but the visions belongs to Charles Zembillas, designer extraordinaire and founder/owner of whttp://www.theanimationacademy.comw . My good friend and genius Adrian Foster did all the programming. We're a three man team and I feel blessed to be working with them.

So check it out! And Join!


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Dear Snakebite, Well I try in english?! You showed me a dream wich you turned reality with a marvelous team of artists. 11th years before, if you invite, I took an airplane and constructed with you. Fantastic proposal! Animation Nation is exactly wich I, in same time, haven't and need. Hier in Rio has similiar, but so expen$ive. There? Is in Burbank ... both, in the same sendero, it is not within my reach. I hope you could understand and say thank you very much to permit I knew this iniciative. Congratulations! Cheers Carlos
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I wish Bite could punch me in the arm for you MissScarlett. Because that would mean we'd be hanging out and in the same city and enjoying our creations together in person.
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