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When we were blocking and rehearsing this, I was so star struck, I completely froze the first time I had to say my line... I just stared at Jim for a couple of beats, which I’m pretty sure worked for this character. ? Anyway, after we wrapped, I mustered up the courage to start a real conversation with Jim. From talking about NY to his paintings, I was also able to tell him how his comedic films got me through a dark time when I was really sick a few years ago (shout out to Asian Jim Carrey @anthonyma for lending me all those DVDs). Jim was incredibly receptive and there were many hugs involved ? It was actually hard to say goodbye lol. Anyway, it all felt like a dream... from standing here with both Jim and Michel Gondry to being able to tell Jim what I really wanted to say to him. I floated out of here on cloud nine... ?? #Kidding #GodIsGood #MyLifeIsSurreal #IncrediblyThankful #LivingTheDream

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