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Option 3… and Breaking the Cycle.

So I watched OPTION 3 at the film fest last night and it was quite good for what it was. Director Richard Wong actually gave us a bit of a disclaimer prior to the screening, saying that this film would not do what films try to do. Rather, it would reflect the state of his mind during a time of depression following a bad ending to a relationship. Well, it was quite a journey trying to follow what was going on, but I think that’s exactly what it was all about as puzzle pieces here and there were presented to us and the main character, Ken. It’s kinda like you get into Ken’s head and start going crazy, too. Anyway, as serious and intense as the film got, it also got pretty silly at times… and dude, how could it NOT have a musical number? (COLMA?)

Anyway, the film caused me to remember a short film I had made in college… inspired by my experiences with relationships, etc.

So here it is… it’s nothing fancy, but it’ll give you a glimpse of what was in my head about 4 years ago…

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