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Losing Your Identity

A while back I posted a link to Applegirl because I thought she had a unique presence.  Probably not as unique as tinkerchel, but definitely had the beginning of an identity.  She was presumably signed or something - but it has resulted in a new single of which a few clips have begun to surface and I'm a little crushed.  But this is such a great example of "What happens" I had to share the comparison.

So, first off, if you've not seen the previous clip - this was what I saw a long time ago of Applegirl that made me take notice.

She's cute, seems smart and articulate and her well rehearsedness translates into a professionalism with a cute twist.  I like that she demo'd what she was doing, but in expanding her act, it would not have to always be demoing what she is doing, but I think the personality of someone who does that should definitely have come through in everything.  Cute and clever and underneath it all, quite talented.

More commentary below the video.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzh2UygPwDU

So - now that she is doing her first single.  What happens.  Well, 99% of the time exactly what you're about to see.  The artist has an image in her or his head about what it is to be a star - and they very much want to play that role.  People around the star-to-be have an idea in their head of  what they've seen before and associate with stardom.  So everyone starts trying to make her into a star by going for the external end result of what they associate with that.  It's like if I were to watch a few rap videos and associate success with a grill, lots of gold jewelry and a gun in my belt.  I'd look ridiculous, right?  Because it's not me at all.  It's external to my nature. 

But that's exactly what happens to nearly every artist because no one says "Wait - what is really working here.... what are people responding to.  What am I responding to?  How can we carry that story on?"  Nope - they just do this... (more commentary after the video)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyTmDOkbqz0

This is just  such a perfect example because it even looks cheap.  There is nothing glamorous and impressive about a bunch of sheets and gleamy things hanging.  It's just a bunch of sheets in what is probably someone's living room or a small stage.   I liked her better in a real living room.  I liked her better when she seemed like the girl who might be your neighbor that you meet one day and see her playing her contraption and just fall in love for life.   That's her magic.

And this is why so many videos make me so sad.  This is an obvious example but it happens all - the - time. 

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It won't sustain. Prime example. Utada Hikaru. I submit her US premiere as evidence. Exactly the same problem. They tried to sell her as some sexy kitten and that's just not the right angle with her. Yes, sex and sexiness sells. But I think the audience has a way more advanced view of what is sexy that we give them credit for. Lady Gaga would be a good example of this. Sexy is personality. They're taking her personality away here... not sexy.
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wow. really like the first image of her and video more better. and yes it seemed to show more of her talent and personality there. the new video was ugh... fail... this is why in the world now id say 80% of the music coming out is shit. especially the image that they push to the public of the artists and their life styles and what not.
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It only bothers me because I think there was a whole different potential fantastic direction that could have been taken. I think she's got "it."
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fUY02GP_kM - she did a twitter showcase. Again - she's so much more interesting just as herself. The song that is hyped in the video though is there and you know - it's pretty good. No qualms with her music.
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Well well Matt... that is a question that would be answerable at our LA event as we have Mitch Allan there who "co-writes" with many many celebrity big name artists. This is sort of how they do it often. They'll have writing sessions where the some composers join the artist while the artist writes and they sort of "absorb ideas" - but then it can be viewed as the stars song. Sometimes the song will be influenced enough that the composer brought in will get credit. Sometimes the song is just plain written by someone else for that person and you can see their name on the song. But even Michael Jackson had like 50 maybe 100 songwriters and producers who would be creating little pieces for him all the time and he'd pick and choose things he'd like and then assemble with them etc.
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lol, Dkarmazi thanks for the lively response. I'm not really a big fan of gaga to be honest. I see how what she is doing is working for her, but you know - she has enough fans, she doesn't need me. As for this girl... well... I think you can read a lot into what you see in videos personally. People give themselves away pretty easily. That's why some things seem to feel right and other things seem to be fake or put on. But you could also get really philosophical about this question - do you really ever know anyone? Takes years of knowing them intimately. People get married after six months only to find themselves totally incompatible a year later and feeling like they didn't know the person. So, no, I don't know her, I do know my impression of who she was based on what I saw and i know I liked it and I also know - it was original and not something i felt like I'd seen a 1000 times. But the new direction felt tired to me. And that's all this is about rally - my impression. Now, additionally, I've been in the world of music videos for a long long time and you see things happen so many times again and again and again that you start to imagine what might be playing out behind the scenes, so, this is filled with educated conjecture, which is still conjecture.
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love the blog material. quite interesting and true. it is best if we don't form fit ourselves. life is too precious and too short.
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She released a video. I'm still not a fan of the video, but I really like her voice and melody. She's definitely an artist I would love to help create a visual presence for. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW5meKfy3fY&playnext_from=TL&videos=30l_r0vIoag&feature=sub
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It is very sad. Hope that doesn't happen to me...I kind of like my pretty average normal persona haha.
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