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KRDK Episodes Begin

Last year I was directing episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Night which are going to start airing on the CW (US TV Network) starting this Saturday (11:30am, CW Network).  The show has been on for 10 weeks, but my episodes begin this week.

It's very much a kid's show and even though I was director for the next two (and some future) episodes - the show is very much Steve Wang's show and the guest directors like myself come to add our spin on their vision.  That said - unlike when doing a feature, there are many choices you're simply not involved in - ADR sessions, music choices, casting, crew choices.  If you're used to the feature or short single-author type of working experience, it's quite different.  It's still fun and I'd do it again.  It's just not as personal a result.  In fact, even though the primary scenes are directed by myself (and I think you can see my shooting style in them) - half the show is directed by "action unit" and really has nothing to do with me at all. 

For these reasons, I've not talked about it much - but since it was a large part of last year, I figured I'd mention it.  Additionally, there are THREE other alivenotdead artists involved in the show:

Matt Mullins, Mike Moh, and D.Y. Sao

Last year, I chronicled the experience of directing while I was working on an episode of this show:

TV Directing 01: Scripts

TV Directing 02: Locations

TV Directing 03; Art and Tech Scouts

TV Directing 04: Blocking

TV Directing 05: Storyboards

TV Directing 05: Shot Order

TV Directing 06: Rehearsing

TV Directing 07: Working With Crew

TV Directing 08: Who's in Charge

TV Directing 09: The Shoot 3:30am to 6:15am

And lastly - here is a little clip of the executive producers and actors at a fan signing - see if you can spot two of the four alive members who worked on the show!  (It's fun, it's like "Where's Waldo.")

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=077bJvTahDU&fmt=18

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You've been watching it the whole season, elle?
about 15 years ago
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I don't have tv, er cable so I'll have to catch it online. I heard they're filming next season out in Australlia like Power Rangers, too bad I was hoping to sneak my way into the crew heh. Uh I see Matt I think in your vid heh. Dunno who mike is...goin to check out his page right now.
about 15 years ago
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elle75 - I don't have a TV, so I didn't actually watch it :) You know, it is definitely nice to have my work on TV as a director, but I worked as a designer on television so long, there was a point in time where there was not a day that went by that didn't have something I created on it. So - that part of the thrill was gone a long time ago. It will be most fun when it's something that I created from scratch. Actually - the least likely was like that... that was fun - but the only time I ever saw it live I was at Kelly's Hu's home and she called me into the room to see it and I made it there about half way through... but that was fun because it was in that very room that we had developed the concept and that whole thing was very much my creation. And yes, 40 episodes are already completed - done, delivered.
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