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Watch my debut on "Kamen Rider" THIS Saturday on the CW!

Hey fellow AnD'ers! Been very busy lately working and producing my own little projects and finally starting to audition again after a slow summer! I also shot a small role in the upcoming film "Hollywood Untitled" starring Will Yun Lee. The pic I posted is the aftermath of him beating the crap out of me!Anyways, THIS SATURDAY MORNING is my debut episode on "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight". 11:00am on the CW, but check your local listings to be sure! Next week, Matt Mullins...Read more

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"On the Grind"

Wow, time has really flown by since January. Not sure I can remember all the things that have happened since then. All I know is that I am very excited for the future! I have a new manager, new agents, and they have been keeping me very busy!  In times and weather like this in Los Angeles, it's hard to remember what it was like to go through a Minnesota winter. Almost 2 years ago I lived in the frozen midwest and now it's hard for me to know what month it is!The feature film "Greenside" that I started work on over a...Read more

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Happy New Year!

Hey everyone. Long time no post!! First off, here's to an amazing 2009 for all of us!!!

I have posted a few new pix, and a new video, Check em out!

I've got some exciting things on the way this year. Most of them I have yet to find out about... but I am excited nonetheless :)

"Kamen Rider" has premiered on the CW4Kids. Watch it every Saturday at 11:30am (Channel 5 in LA). My character gets introduced in episode 17.

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Okay... new video.. again

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=glu5NLeA1F8

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When I first moved to Los Angeles about a year ago, I was hungry to get off on the right foot. My hunger led to the things I had set out the achieve: getting an agent, doing student films, learning about the business, and improving myself.

I was on a roll and then I got a role on Kamen Rider. A dream come true and a great role. Thanks to Matt Mullins for helping me get an audition!! There I was, working as a regular on a TV show after only being in town for about 6 months. Right after the show wrapped I was cast in the musical production of...Read more

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Thanks to those that sent me their warm welcomes to AnD! I am new to this so I will try my best to update this frequently to keep you updated as to what's goin on in my world!

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