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Sunday 09082009

Sub Zero....Icey....all the best condition to serve the almighty Coca Cola. Believe it or not, HK started a Freeze Up Coke vendor machine, which is a bottle of coke with a little surprise.

Freshly come out of the machine, its still in liquid form, then when you take the cap off, it will freeze up just like that....wow. Actually it just an old school fun. You also could get this done at home, but the trick is, the temperature control of the machine, which is not an easy thing to do so they worth a compliment  

I tried out a bottle of Coke & Sprite......to be honise, they taste the same look the same, just a little colder the normal ice coke.... just for the first couple mouthful, thats it  and they cost like 40%more so if you just want to have a fun out of it, its not a bad choice, but not a thing that really catch you day by day....The photos are not that clear as i just used my phone (forgot to get a cam)

Other than that, i bought a piece of so called "Miracle Leaf" today. It also an old school stuff with a modern suit, but you know what the hell . its actually a plant called Kakanchoe Pinnata. It just look like a normal piece of leave that drop off from a tree, but not dried up, and the Miracle part of it is that [the baby leaves come out from the narrow parts of the leaf (just copy that out from the packing)], just need to put it in water thats all.....

check it out....the bottom photo is a snap from the shop, just to compare with my own   

On the way home i walked pass an installation art show, very interesting but i forgot to bring the cam with me as i said, so no luck to show you guys..... sorry......

Anyway, found a lot of cool stuff today and i call that a mission complete, at least for today. i will update that Leaf and see will it survive, cause even cactus died in my hands, so finger cross

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Better still, try a Coke slurpie at 7-11. Ha ha. Once in a while, I pop a bottle of Coke in the freezer for a bit and it ices up nicely. Main thing is not to forget it\'s in there. My nephew often forgot he put six packs of cans in the freezer and it would end up making a frosty cola wonderland of stalagmites in the freezer. For him, and his mom, your new Coke machine is a blessing. Enjoy! Always Coca Cola. This comment paid for by Coca Cola who invites you to drink frozen Coke safely. Ah, now that\'s refreshing.
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