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Less More Studio

Less More Studio, a multi-functions studio that settle in Hong Kong for the needs of people who want to have a space for their own creation.......anything from drama to dance practice......a reasonable price with a pretty nice outlook......i think its maybe another choice for people who willing to explore their limit with no border line..... 

check out the interview if you want to know more....and sorry again, its in chinese ..... Read more

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MILKSHAKE Ignition 04.5

This time....we talked about what we saw in Singapore......

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Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WDSZe8hVdQ&feature=related well....i use to love this song when i start off pushing forward my dream few years back.....every word is kind of ringing the bell in my heart.....as the name of the sing.....believer!

i did believe in what i do, but after all this time, i am kind of shaken....dont know if its right & dont know if i could make it or not......i didnt really see any feed back during this period of ...Read more

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Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul, a 80 years old Taylor who set up 'Fortune Tailor' store, providing good quality hand-made dresses services since 1970. Although 'Fortune Tailor' has already established a huge customers bases to support its business, Uncle Paul still keep on distribute his name cards hand to hand, outside the Central MTR Station near everyday. Uncle Paul siad:[They are all potential customers, giving my cards by my hand is the best way to let them remeber me! Right!?].


To be honest, the reason i find out Uncle Paul is ...Read more

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Recently, a bicycle playground is built in Fanling (not far from the Police Training School), which is near to place I live, therefore I went there to take some photos and share with you guys!! This bicycle playground is part of a new leisure area, its not huge in size but got facilities like a small scale Skate Park!! There are gurads on duty and look after player, in cause of any accidents!! I glad that kids would have such a nice and safe place to practice their BMX skills, less likely to be influenced by gangs while spend too much tim...Read more

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My New Toy....

I am kind of stuck these days and I told myself that I really do need something to exercise my mind so I bought a 2X2 magic cube.....its actually harder than a normal 3X3.....and after about a week, I only manage to get two side done.... ........well but I will try.......just hope I wont break it before I break the code......

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Hong Kong is a very busy city.....people are rushing and time are very tight.....so you always could find there are lots of media kits all round us in HK to help us out.....on train, bus and now even taxi...

I-Taxi is a newly setup media kit that you could find on most of the taxi in HK these days.....its a mini tv with touch screen function.....you could find all sort of information in it...news, movies, food....etc....pretty interesting isnt it...check out the photos.....

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MILKSHAKE Ignition 03.5

Beijing Singing Contest Plus Beijing Talents........

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The more you Fix The more you~~~!!

"Motors" are known as one of the most popular "Adult-Toys" in local, and our teenagers are strongly influenced by Japanese Comics and Movies like "Initial D". Recently i did a little bit of research and analysis in this specific area, and try to figure out the "Fixing & Decoration Culture" of young adults onto their Gears!! prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


Finally, i sum up with the following Groups of People, i dun know if y...Read more

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從前社會及經濟模式簡單,大多是以體力勞動來賺取生計,基於先天體格的差異,女性必需依賴男性過活,幫助男性勞動和處理體力消耗較輕的家務,這可以說是一種非常簡單又十分實際的夫婦關係,就在這些強烈父權主意及陽具中心思想的年代裏,男性娶...Read more

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