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Local Model Culture

Recently we did few interviews on of "Local Careers" issues, we recognize that this is an interesting way to investigate the local cultures, as different places have got different jobs and its own characteristics.

The first article we look at is about the "Model Culture" in HK, an interview with a mixed(Portugal and Chinese) part-time model, a funny and honest gal to share her thought on "Model", a dream job of most local boys and gals.

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This is actually a pretty good idea and its all over china really.....at least where i've been to haha...cheap and could complete your dream of showing off in the public .....

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After the nightmare toliet leakage problem, I finally could have some time to sort things out.....trying hard to find a part-time job, but seems to be hard or not my type....trying to do some private cantonese & english tutorial classes but not much luck aiiiiiiiiii........if anyone could help out do let me know ok....art & culture related will be great haha.....anyway....snaps again....check....

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Video: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/YojGeHjEons/ FREESTYLE BEIJING by D-S

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今天筆者剛巧要到屯門祭祖,在一條村落的村口位置,居然發現了一個已消失於市區的罕見行業..... [全文按此]


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Settling Down In Beijing City

Been here for a week already, trying to settle down in the new atmosphere.....not so smooth really, but thats already been counted....got a place, just get the internet connection done, trying to contact people here and trying to get something done....but just one week down the road and people seems disappearing....what the hell.....but anyway...i still manage to get sometime off to take some snaps shots....very pretty city (other than the air & dust).....i think i am going to love it.....

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MILK378(milkshake 17) - 新興穿環 Microdermals

Refer to "Microdermal Implant "

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Microdermal Implant

"Microdermal Implant" is a new body piercing culture originated from U.S. 2 years ago. It is quite different to normal body piercing process, as the "Microdermal Implant" needs you to install a "Screw Base"(only 1.5mm) under your skin for jewelry plug-in. "Microdermal Implant" is always a perfect match with Tattoo, make it looks more 3D and colorful, like plug-in a crystal onto position of eyes or nipples........attractive!!~

In the mid-Oct, a professional body piercing artist "Binghe&q...Read more

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The New Seal 10-10-2008...

Its been a while since my last seal work was born...... .....so today I try to buy some time to get a new work done....and this seal is very important  cause this is the wedding gift for my Bro  so I got to get it done before I set off to Beijing.....and here it is......"心如工畫師".......its came from one of the Buddhist scrīpture

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Beijing Trip Preparation

As I am going to go to Beijing For a few months, therefore i am starting to work on some preparation work....chop like a hundred twenty card this morning....got a lot more to go......so excited although this is not my first time to be in Beijing, but this time i am gonna stay for quite a long time......so looking forward to see how its gonna be like.....wishes to meet some of the artest there, if possible....but anyway....i need to go back to work now ...until next time stay cool people.... Read more

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師能授其方圓, 但不能授其心妙!

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