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Super Alive not Dead

Hello everybody!  I thought it was about time to update my blog at dinner tonight.IT has been a LONG time indeed. Would like to let you know that Elvis is doing good.What's been going on? Somewhere along the way I finished my double degree with flying colours! (I'm pretty booksmart too you know?). I've been romancing. Dealing with family drama (who hasn't), and most importantly, keeping my head in the music game.Will not reveal what's to come, however I can let you know, be prepared to see less Elvis, and MORE JUSTIN!! Anyway, will be going to Guangzhou next week to perform in my mentor's show, will be sure to post up pics and vids!Miss all you guys up on here!Just

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Congrats! It appears you are smarter than you look! Ha ha, j/k!
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good 2 c u again in AliveNotDead. Oh yes, u r Alive Not Dead.
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well it's about time Justin! glad to know that you are well and Congrats on the degree! proud of ya!! keep up the great work!! :)
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Rottendoubt a4 patrick
good to see you are still around. congrats on the degrees.
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Congrats on getting your double degree!
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