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RTHK Production《窮富翁大作戰》Making of

RTHK Production《窮富翁大作戰》 will be aired on ATV on Aug 22.

I am one of the story in this reality series. Producer Bao and Videographer Simon flew all the way from Hong Kong to Jamaica and San Francisco to film my profile and background for the series.

Interview in Jamaica

Profile shots in San Francisco

Filming at my clothing sponsor's shop I-Romance Wedding Gallery

Interview at Golden Gate Bridge

Back in Hong Kong filming my interview in the RTHK studio on Aug 10, at 9pm

My 5 days of Poverty experience is starting 5:30am the next morning, and I won't be able to use my computer for the next 5 days. I will update more on the filming and production next week :)

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ha ha, such a tourist! ;-)
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