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"Gong Neui" finalist in I Shot Hong Kong - Premier on July 1st and 2nd at 6pm

JuJu's new short film "Gong Neui" directed and produced by Lawrence Gray has been shortlisted as the finalist in the

I SHOT HONG KONG 2009 Finalist -short film category


Public screening of Goung Neui :


Premier on July 1st and 2nd at 6pm

@ The Grand Cinema, Elements.

*** Please vote for Gong Neui on the 1st and 2nd at the premiers.

Check out ishothongkong.com for details

***You get tickets from the I SHot Hong Kong site.

###Producer/Director/Writer: Lawrence Gray


Princess (Goung Lui) - JuJu Chan

Astro Boy (Dihn Che Naahm) -Michael Chan

Siu Bak - Jane Wong


story is based upon the Hong Kong phenomena of the Gong Neui - Harbour Girl - and the Dihn Che Naahm - Train Boy. The Gong Neui is a sexless but sexy creature obsessed with designer labels and looking good, where the Dihn Che Naahm, modeled upon a pathologically shy Japanese cult film character is obsessed with computers and unable to function in the presence of girls.

Needless to say our take on this leads us to no great conclusion but does take us on a wild little ride through a side of Hong Kong that is barely touched upon normally.

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Congrats to u and the whole crew!
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