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Appearance in San Francisco

Before coming back to Hong Kong, I made my last appearance in the Bay Area at the PISTAHAN PARADE on Aug 8, and the Miss Asian America Pageant VIP and Press Reception on Aug 7.

PISTAHAN PARADE is the only major Filipino parade in the West Coast, it is a display of community pride along San Francisco’s main street – Market Street – from the Embarcadero to the Yerba Buena Gardens, the crown jewel of SF’s cultural district. Colorful floats, historical themes and lively community contingents has helped build Pistahan Parade, as THE Filipino counterpart of San Francisco’s great cultural institutions like Chinese New Year Parade, Carnaval, St. Patrick’s Parade, among others.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akKn0qDMp34


U.N. Pageant Queens and Ambassador appear in the parade:

o Teen United Nation Int. – Regina Liang (Teen China)

o Miss United Nation Int – Janet Cruz (Miss The Philippines)

o Ms United Nation Int. – Lucille Low (Ms China)

o Miss United Nation Int. Ambassador – JuJu Chan (Miss China)

Miss Asian America Pageant VIP and Press reception @ Four Seas

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good weather, but its San Francisco in summer, so its always good. ;-)
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