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A fulfilling week

I did a lot this week, and I really love my busy life. The busier I am the more energy I have! Am I a workaholic? lol

Saturday-Wednesday Filming of Lumina Wednesday- Maxim's Restaurant Print advertorial, Fitness Center Print Ad

This week's issue of U Magazine has been issued today. I am on the cover :)

Day 5 filming of Lumina is very fun an interesting :D Location: Central, Mong Kok Time: 6pm-2am Call time was 6pm @ IFC. We filmed my scene on a bridge near IFC and after that scene we did a taxi scene. This is a very sweet an romantic scene of me (Lumina) and Ryder chatting in a taxi. This is my first time filming in a car, it is a little tricky to set up but we got great shots :) and is worth the time spent on it.#We are in the middle of our filming right now, and I just can't wait to say Thank You to the whole crew. ***It is a real pleasure to work with all of you.******I really feel that we made a great team :)*** *******And also, special thanks to Jen, she is the writer/director/co-producer, she is the founder of Lumina webseries, many sleepless nights, lots of stress, zillions of emails.  Without her nothing would have happened!!!!!!!! Thanks Jen, our No. 1 Director/Producer.*******


Behind the scene photos from Day 5 filming of Lumina. Other things to share: My friend created a facebook page for me this week =D http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/pages/JuJu/100012715332?ref=mf

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