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9/24 work+visit Simon+Children Mentorship Program meeting

After having lunch with Josephine, my NYU schoolmate, and working on a project for half a day, I went to Shum Shui Po to visit Simon 仔. I met up with him at 西九龍中心 and we went to take photo stickers :P

Here is Simon's first photo sticker. He was very excited drawing the photos! What do you think about our creative design of the photos :P

After playing, it's time to study!! We went to a local cafe for afternoon tea and also help him with English dictation.

At 6pm I headed to Soco, Society for Community Organization Center for the 21st round Children Mentorship Program meeting until 10pm.

The meeting today covers:

Topic 1: Poverty problem and children’s rights development in Hong Kong—Policy Perspective

Topic 2: Skills for interacting with the children—Psychological Perspective

If you are interested in volunteering few hours a week to mentor the children in poverty please check out the program information here: http://www.soco.org.hk/children/main.htm

Aims of the scheme:

The scheme recruits resourceful and educated volunteer from the community and professional groups to serve as a friend to provide guidance and emotional support to the low income family. Family friend also act as gatekeepers against domestic violence.

The Content of the Scheme:

Training and group activities will be provided for recruited family volunteers to carry out services in an effective way. One volunteer family will closely mentor one low income family, and they are expected to guide or provide the low income with opportunities or resources to improve their problem-solving ability, access to community resources, widening of exposure, improved standard of living, family relationship. Monthly contact is required. The minimum service commitment is one year. Group activities will be organized every three months.

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JuJu i hope Simon cha is good. after watching the documentary, think you were very brave to tough it out for a few days. i guess it will be a long road for simon cha and many more like him. carry on the good work.
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