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The Hustle

      Uploading a new video, got some time to blog finally. I've been so busy I haven't had time to really blog about anything lately. Latest update: film's going well, everyday we're getting closer to finishing. I'll be flying to LA for a good weekend of editing with Ramon this week, which I am very much looking forward to. My last trip down there was very intense and we got a lot done, I think everyday for 3-4 days we went home around 3-4am. I remember every night driving thinking to myself how great it was to accomplish something towards our ending goal despite how tired I was. I don't think I've lost passion for what I do yet, but I can see how if certain things didn't go my way, it'd be difficult for me to keep pursuing my dream. Money is a huge issue in film-making where if you don't have any, you can't accomplish anything. I use to see a lot of artists who I thought were extremely talented but never understood why they didn't "make it". After being in the entertainment industry for almost 4 years now, I finally understand how that could be.

     Most artists go into the industry blind pursuing their dreams with a pure mind thinking if they work hard enough, they'll move up and eventually get famous one day. Many of these artists are extremely talented and deserve to be in the limelight, but that's not how the industry works. If you don't have the hustle in you, you will never get anywhere. Unfortunately, even if you did have the hustle in you, it's still not a guarantee you'll have a good career. In the last 4 years, I've seen a lot of people lose heart who started out strong in their careers with some even having had moderate success. When it comes down to it, it's really about if you really love what you do. The truth is a lot of people I know never really did love it. I believe a lot of people get attracted to the entertainment industry because of the glam and always believing they would someday achieve it. One day they wake up after a certain number of years of hustling realizing the chances of them being famous are slim to none, then they quit and pursue other things in life. In the end, what they loved was the fame part, and what drove them for those years was this mystic tangible idea of being famous that they thought was so close to reality. The people that really love what they do are people who would still be doing what they do without any incentives such as money, fame, etc... Making Fight Life, I saw how a lot of our fighters did the sport and pursued it when it wasn't popular and didn't make any money. In the back of their minds, they had their minds set on what they loved and pursued it without thinking too much. Of course they want to be famous and be on tv and making money, but if they didn't love it, they never would've persevered those tough years before they made it. I remember Gil telling me "I don't know why people ask us how it was back then and how tough it was, it wasn't tough because we were doing what we loved, and even though we were broke, it didn't matter, we were happy."

    I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the fame part, especially when I first started. I too started like everyone else wanting the fame and believed I could make it. The more I was in the industry, the more I saw how the clock turned. I knew what I would probably have to do to get to where I want to. It was quite daunting at first but I didn't waiver because I had already started to love what I was doing. I loved the feeling of shooting, editing, working with everyone on creating something, that's what really drives me now. By now, I don't give a damn about all the fame because I've seen beyond all that. The way I see it: I'm gonna be doing what I do, and if I become successful, cool, if not, oh well, I'll still be doing what I'm doing, nothing's gonna change that." I believe hard work will pay off eventually and whether that equals fame or not doesn't matter anymore. What matters is living life and not having any regrets. I've chosen this path and I've gotten this far due to my hustle and determination, I think I finally passed my own test on what I wanted to pursue in life. I think I'm finally at peace now that I've found my passion whether it will turn into a career or hobby. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and in between that, give it all you got so you can say you left your heart on the court; nobody can knock that.

Ok, video finished uploading, now I can sleep, goodnight.

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it was good timing. mma is huge now!
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