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proof of the Pokemon 747

You thought I was delirious from tempura poisoning when I made that last entry, didn't you?

But alas, like the Big Foot video, I have proof!

Not pictured - Pokemon curtains and Pokemon aprons on the stewardesses.

I did some checking on the internet, and found some more details (for those interested):

The exterior of the Boeing 747 jumbo jet, 232 feet in length, is covered nose to tail in Pokemon characters, some more than 20 feet tall, from the popular Nintendo software game, children's television cartoon series and feature movie. Pokemon features more than 150 characters, each with magical powers.

ANA has seven Pokemon aircraft, but only one of them operates outside Japan.

Because the ANA Pokemon 747 aircraft operates on international flights, access is restricted, and it is not possible to view it from public areas at all of the U.S. airports it visits. AND

The exterior of the 232-foot long aircraft is painted with characters from Pokemon, the popular software game and television cartoon series. It will be the fourth member of the "ANA Pokemon Jet Family," joining three other "Pokemon" aircraft -- one 747-400 and two Boeing 767-300s -- which already fly on ANA's extensive route network in Japan. The "ANA Pokemon Jet U.S. Version" will be used on ANA routes to North America.

Pokemon emerged in 1996 as a Nintendo Gameboy software game in Japan and soon captured the imaginations of children across the nation with its 151 fanciful characters boasting magical powers. In April 1997, Pokemon became a television series in Japan, followed by the U.S. in September 1998. Pokemon (the television series) subsequently entered the Hong Kong, Taiwan and China markets, where it has proved extremely popular. Pokemon also made its big screen debut in Japan last summer.

Passengers flying the "ANA Pokemon Jet U.S. Version" will be welcomed aboard by cabin attendants wearing original Pokemon aprons and will enjoy special Pokemon headrest covers. Original Pokemon goods will be available through ANA in-flight sales. ANA first added "Pokemon Jets" to its fleet on July 2, 1998, with the introduction of two colorfully decorated aircraft into service in Japan. The third "ANA Pokemon Jet" was added July 19, also on routes in Japan. Since their introduction, the Pokemon aircraft have carried more than one million ANA passengers.

With the extension of "Pokemon Jet" service to the U.S., ANA hopes both to share the fun of flying and bring the magic of Pokemon to all of its passengers, both young and young at heart, on both sides of the Pacific. AND

(thats the 1999 version, which as you can see is slightly different then the one I saw. Click here for the official ANA page)

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woah: ANA has "caught 'em all"
almost 16 years ago
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kb: yes, but i didn't know it was the pokemon plane when i bought the ticket.
almost 16 years ago
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amy - uh, yes, yes they have. :-P
almost 16 years ago


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