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Break Up Club Premiere (「分手說愛你」首映)

Went to the Hong Kong Premiere for Barbara Wong's new film 'Break Up Club' (分手說愛你), starring Jaycee Chan, Fiona Sit and featuring Hiro Hayama

Close up of Fiona, Jaycee and Barbara

Hiro and Patrick Tam and Bonnie Xian

I enjoyed the movie.  I'll try to do a review tomorrow or the day after.  In the meanwhile,  here's a bonus picture from the lobby, where they had a signing board and press area set up:

Recognize that guy w/ the nice hair?

Actually the turnout of stars in support was quite strong.  Khalil Fong, Eason Chan and Ekin to name just a few! (and this is the most in focus one I got!) :-P

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renren - yes, i think you mentioned when I posted the last picture i took of him. :-D
over 12 years ago
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SuperHeo - as of Monday night, yes.
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