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History Channel Audition Tape

Sure some of you have heard of the History Channel Asia auditions couple of months back, you had to send in a tape of your reel or a short introduction of any part of the country/city you came from! Was shortlisted, met the big dudes and it was good fun going through the 3rd round of the audition, but they eventually went with a male host.

Either way, here's a clip of what I introduced, I always love this street for it's architecture and food, so this might be of some historical interest to you :) Had a good time making it, and If you're ever in Singapore, check out Keong Saik Road. You won't regret it.

"Did you know many years ago, a lady holding an umbrella at the side of the street along Keong Saik Road meant that she was a working girl?"

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpIo-MIUG0g

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Very nice video! :)
over 14 years ago
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ha ha, I was half expecting you to actually find one at the top of the stairs and take the camera in to investigate. :-P
over 14 years ago
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Awesome and Entertaining. Nice!
over 14 years ago
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cool stuff
over 14 years ago


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