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Cooking MAMA

We were guests on Cooking Mama last saturday a show hosted by Yan and Jin on Now TV 100. Not sure when we will air yet. I was asked to cook for the 24H boys so I made a few dishes. I actually started the day before at home making a cookie and cream ice cream. Unfortunately the kitchen place didn't have a lot of the plates and things that I wanted to use but I guess it turned out alright. I had to kill 2 crabs in front of the camera. I think that part will turn out quite cruel but hey, if you eat it, you gotta kill it. It actually quite difficult to talk and cook at the same time. New found respect for all those TV chefs that babble on endlessly while they are cooking. 

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Eddie, R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Pictures of your cooking always make me feel like all I know how to cook is instant noodle, even when I'm not cooking instant noodle!!!
over 13 years ago
Doryuk 63 doryuk
Ha thanks Desmond, thanks Roc.
over 13 years ago
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Eddie always has a fall back job if this hip-hop thing doesn't work out. ;-)
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