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Sum Mei Show|森美秀|森美秀

We will be playing at the Sum Mei (CR2 DJ) show. We will be kicking off the show along with Sum Mei's own group 4 Chai. Should be fun. It will certainly be a little different then our normal show !

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Vincent's Movie|谷德昭的電影|谷德昭的电影

We were asked by Vincent to be in his movie so we naturally jumped at the chance. We only have a small role as a film crew but it was fun. Yumiko and Sandra Ng were the leads that day. It was fun to work with them. Kit got to play Yumiko's boyfriend. Some people are just plain lucky...

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Better Late the never..|遲到總比不到好…|迟到总比不到好…

DorYuk took some of these pics from the DJ setup. It was a really fun show. We had a crew of 3 shooting the show for us so we will have those up after we finished editing them. Cheers.

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Pirated !|盜版!| 盗版!

I guess we should take this as a compliment. Our album has had hundreds of downloads from various pirate site, none of which I am about to mention. And now our hats have been pirated !!!

Check this shit out. The size is wrong, too big and 24HERRS ?!?! Its been spotted in Beijing, Shanghai and GZ.


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Tastes24 (廿四品味 ) Episode 5 with Jan Lamb (林海峰)|廿四品味第5輯,特邀嘉賓林海峰|廿四品味第5辑,特邀嘉宾林海峰

Here is our last episode of our cooking program. At least for a little while. This time is with our friends Jan Lamb and Wing Shya. Both super talented and great guys. DorYuk did Pan Fried Goose Liver, Braised Lamb Shank, Grilled Pigeon, Mussels in Tomato & Basil sauce. Needless to say with Jan Lamb in the house, it was a really funny night. Check it out !

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Let's Fight Round 3

Let's Fight Round 3, was totally dope. All the artist totally rocked the place. Thanks to http://www.alivenotdead.com/solersu for filming and uploading our show. Our part was also video by our own crew so we will edit and upload some of those soon. Also Channel V was on there and shot our whole performance, they said they will air it soon. Check our Solersu's videos.

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Oh yeah !! | 哦耶!!

 JBS went nuts. 9 new caps and 2 new T's. The hats are really dope. Embroidered logos and new colors. 2 completely design hats and T's with new RTPK (Respect Tou Pok Guy) logo. Ghost Styles loves it so much he was showering and sleeping with hat on. Get em or at 8Five2 shop if you live in HK and here if you live overseas: http://www.alivenotdead.com/AnDsales/blog.html?catlabel2893

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Jin & Skin Ink & Justin Davies Party | 歐陽靖 & 紋身 & Justin Davies Party | 欧阳靖 & 纹身 & Justin Davies Party

We have been out a few time this pass weekend with the China Stylus/Red Dog Skin Ink event plus Justin Davis's parrrrrty. Hosted by none other then our man Jimmy "Zoolander" Wong. Great party, free flowing bubs all night, JC was there, Donnie Yeh, countless models, and beautiful peeps. We didn't leave till like 3:30am. A big welcome to our homie, Jin who is apparently decided to stay in HK for awhile. Yeah !! We are...Read more

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City Mag

Here is an interview and shoot we did with City Mag.

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SCMP article

Herbal remediesIn a city swamped with manufactured pop, a hip hop collective is offering a refreshing alternativeMalik Fareed Updated on Jun 19, 2008Sir JBS appears to be getting a little antsy. "I don't really care, but people want us to be underground," says the resident provocateur of Hong Kong's biggest rap group, 24 Herbs. "We're not underground. That means you rap in the MTR station.&q...Read more

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