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Our AnD anniversary video | 我們的AnD一周年祝福視頻

Here is our AnD birthday video if you wanna see it. We shot it while in Malaysia. Unfortunately Conroy had to leave KL early due to his dog being very sick so we shot it without him due to lack of time.

| 這是我們在馬來西亞為AnD過生日拍的視頻,如果你想看的話。可惜子聰因為他家狗狗生了很嚴重的病提前離開了吉隆坡,時間緊張,我們只能在他缺席的情況下拍了。

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOJZjhHGgc4

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24Herbs Sugar Relaunch

Busy night for us on Friday. We popped into the Beats party before our Sugar gig and hung with Xuan for awhile. Then headed off to Sugar for our show. Rocking crowded ! Thanks for our homies coming to support. I took some of Warren's pics and some of JBS' pics to upload here. Check em out !

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Another AnD video

Thanks to Sasha at HOTPARTYTV for making the video below. Nice edit !!


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24Herbs at Sugar Pics

 Check out Warren's pics from our Sugar gig, thanks WZA !! http://www.alivenotdead.com/warrenstuart/24Herbs+x+Sugar+Relaunch+Party-16+May+08-profile-161146.html

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AnD Party video

Thanks to Raffi for shooting and uploading this. I think we'll buy you a tripod for your birthday Raffi !!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB3TnS9nrWU&eurl=http://www.alivenotdead.com/phat  

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AnD party !

Better late then never. Needless to say we had a blast at the 1st Anniversary. Hope everyone enjoyed the show. Shame there was no real stage as it would have been impossible to see from the back. For all the people that wasn't there, we had a fun little section where we got the whole place to shout.. it was like I say patrick, you say "HAMSUP", I say Stephen, you say "HAMSUP", I say Daniel, you say "HAMSUP" and so on for almost everyone involved. Congrats to everyone at AnD !! HAMSUP in canto means er.... dirty !...Read more

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24herbs in KL

KL rocks !! Great place, great food and great people !! It was hot as F_ _ K !! Even compared to HK, you go outside and you wanna get right back to hotel and take a shower coz its so humid, anyhow it was all good. We were well looked after by our homie Bad Boy Ben. He's just opened a new shop in KL Times' Square. http://www.thewhatsgoodconspiracy.com/

The first night we went out and ate 24 crabs !! We really didn't planned to eat 24 but it just turned out t...Read more

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Tastes24 (廿四品味 ) with Daniel Wu | 吳彥祖來到"廿四品味"

Today we are off to Malaysia for a gig. We will be playing at a club called Loft. Apparently its a dope club. Should be fun. Mean while for all the folks here on AnD, we have just uploaded yet another Tastes24 (廿四品味 ). This time is Daniel Wu. We are lucky to have him come and eat with us but then again, he is lucky to sample Dor Yuk's cooking skillz !! Check it out !!

| 今天我們出發去馬來西亞,要在一個叫Loft的酒吧演出。那是個很棒的酒吧,一定很開心。各位AnD的朋友們,我們剛剛上傳了”廿四品味”新一期的節目。這期嘉賓是吳彥祖,很高興他能來,跟我們一起吃飯,而他也很幸運品嘗到了Dor Yuk烹飪的美食!!請看視...Read more

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Poly Muso

The saturday after the Club PP show we did the Poly Muso gig. It was really fun, we didn't have time to sound check but it worked out fine. I think everyone had a great time. Thanks to Irene at Poly U for sorting everything out and AnD for sponsoring the gig. Lots of group played that day like Audio Traffic, Hard Pack, Yaksa, Party Yoke, Kolor. It was great until one of the guys in the audience got hurt. Apparently he was running full on and hit another guy but he hit his head really badly as he fell. He was having convulsions and the whole gig...Read more

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Club PP

Last friday we did a show at Club PP in TST. Some of us had not been there before but its a dope club. Rocking sound and video. Our homie Frankie looked after us. We had like an hour set which is one of the longest shows we have done. It was really fun and we rocked the place. We didn't really tell too many people but surprisingly a lot of our friends came. Quite a few of the local Hip Hop groups came out, load of our homies came, loving the support !! Thanks brothers, you know who you are ! Warren, thanks for taking some shots of us, DJ Becarefu...Read more

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